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Smell Master (スメルマスター, Sumeru Masutā) is a B-Class Rank 39 professional hero for the Hero Association.


He wears a gas mask to protect him from his noxious chemicals.


He seems to be rather confident in his abilities and works well in a team.

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Smell Master was summoned by the Hero Association alongside Pink Hornet, Wild Horn, Trap Tengu and Saitama to capture a monster alive, for medical purposes. When the heroes reached the woods, Smell Master receives orders from Wild Horn to the other heroes to catch the monster. The plan was for him to lure out the creature with his drugs but the plan failed and they were eaten and almost killed before being saved by Saitama.[1]

Abilities & PowersEdit

While he isn't seen fighting much his rank implies he is a fairly strong fighter.
Breaking Bad

Smell Master creating some Chemicals


Chemicals: He is very skilled with chemicals and is able to make a wide variety of them. The smell of some of his chemicals are powerful enough to paralyze the nerves of monsters.[2]


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