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Skyfolk (天上人, Tenjōjin) are a race of beings ruled by the Sky King that have come from the sky to take the surface of the earth for themselves.


The Skyfolk are a violent race who wish to take the surface of the Earth for their own. Beginning with the Hero Association, they plan to subdue the entire human population.

The Skyfolk are large humanoid creatures that have various bird features. Their overall appearance is reminiscent to the traditional Japanese Tengu.[1] Skyfolk have large wings that grant them the ability to fly, and can also shoot destructive beams out of their mouth.[2]


Hero Association SagaEdit

Alien Conquerors ArcEdit

They first appear in A-City attacking by surprise the headquarters of the Hero Association. However shortly after the attack they are all slaughtered by the alien Melzargard and the Dark Matter Thieves.[3]

Known MembersEdit

Name Position Status
Sky KingKingDeceased †
EagleHenchmenDeceased †
HawkHenchmenDeceased †
FalconHenchmenDeceased †
KiteHenchmenDeceased †


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