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Shooter (シューター, Shūtā) is a B-Class Rank 99 professional hero for the Hero Association. He is a former hunter that uses archery in fighting against monsters and threats to the society.[1]

Appearance Edit

Shooter wears large baggy clothes and his hair has a unique shape in which the frontal hair has the appearance of the bow and the back his hair has an arrow as hair pin. He has blonde hair sporting a blue and black costume.


Not much is known about Shooter's personality. He enjoys fighting using archery and is willing to eliminate any threats to humanity.

Plot Edit

Human Monster Saga Edit

Monster Association Arc Edit

Shooter takes part in an ambush against Garou. During the fight, he manages to land two arrows in Garou.[2]

After Garou uses Wild Horn as meat shield to block his Arrow Rain, Shooter is defeated when Garou catches all rocks thrown at him by Glasses and throws all of them at Shooter at high velocities, knocking him out.

Abilities and Power Edit

As a B-class hero, Shooter has strength above regular humans. However, being the second lowest in his class, he is not particularly strong. Shooter uses bow and arrows with poison as his weapons to fight monsters.

Physical Abilities Edit

Enhanced Strength: Shooter has the ability to shoot multiple arrows at high speed without feeling fatigue.

Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: Shooter is fast enough to load and shoot multiple arrows at his opponents.
Arrow Rain

Shooter performs Arrow Rain.

Fighting StyleEdit

Expert Archer: His fighting style involves firing poisonous arrow to drain stamina of opponents and then finishing them up when they are weak from the poison. The poison will take two minutes to paralyze the opponent.[3]

  • Arrow Rain (矢の雨, Ya no ame): Shooter fires multiple arrows into the air that will barrage his opponents.[4]

Equipment Edit

  • Poisonous Arrows: Shooter possesses poisonous arrows that he shoots out.

Trivia Edit


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