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Shibabawa (シババワ, Shibabawa) was a renowned fortune teller that resided in G-City. After revealing her final prophecy that Earth is in danger, she choked on a cough drop and died.[1]


Shibabawa was an old woman with white hair, long fingernails, very thin eyebrows and many wrinkles. She had sunken cheeks and very few teeth. She wore a pearl necklace and earrings.


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Shibabawa was active long enough that a high school aged Psykos commented on becoming the second coming of the great prophet Shibabawa when she used the 'Third Eye' to look into the future.


She was an exceptional seer, but she seemed to fear a 'great disaster' that she foretold, panicking as she choked on cough drops and looking at her crystal ball with utter terror.


Hero Association Saga[]

Sea Monster Arc[]

Shibabawa's final prophecy

While predicting the future for the next half year, Shibabawa foresees that the greatest catastrophe of the era is about to strike and that the Earth is in danger, and as she dies, she looks on with complete fear and despondency at her crystal ball and the supposed destruction of Planet Earth.[2]

Alien Conquerors Arc[]

It is later revealed that during her prediction she was caught in a violent fit of coughing. While taking some cough drops, she choked on them and died.[3] As she was choking, she wrote a note on a page that said, "The Earth is in trouble!!!".[4]

Abilities and Powers[]

Supernatural Abilities[]

Shibabawa predicting numerous catastrophes

Fortune Telling: Shibabawa was a famous fortune teller, appearing on TV on a few occasions and was respectfully known as Lady Shibabawa to many. She only predicted a handful of disasters and there were many that she could not foresee, but when she did, Shibabawa was able to tell the exact timings of upcoming earthquakes and attacks from mysterious beings and had an accuracy of 100%, as such she received special treatment from the Hero Association, such as personal escorts.[5]


  • "I... I can see it coming...... The greatest catastrophe of our time is near...... It is the end. The Earth is in danger."[2]


  • Her name is a play on words of the terms "Shiwa" (皺) meaning wrinkles and "Baba" or "Babā" (婆) meaning old woman.
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  • She was quite rich, as Fuzzy created the Neo Heroes from the vast fortune he inherited from her.


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