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She is a worker at the Hero Association in Z-City shelter.


She is a young woman with light colored hair tied into a bun with two thin strands hanging in front of her. She wears a white shirt with a black jacket that reveals her chest and a white tie. She also wears shield styled sunglasses and a earpiece on her left side.

Appearances in Other Media



She is seen consoling Saitama about the safety of the shelter and informing him that he cannot leave while the monster is still outside. She then uses a megaphone reassuring the citizens of their safety and the construction of the shelter, deeming it as perfect. She later informed Saitama that there are no restrooms, only for the latter to point out that flaw. [1]


  • (To the citizens) "The shelter is unbreachable! It's perfect! Completely flawless!"


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