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"Seven-Eleven" (セブンイレブン, Sebun'irebun) is a changeable cover as bonus for purchasing the 8th volume at 7-Eleven.


Charanko: “What? You’re going to go see the cherry blossom and want me/us to bring a good drink? Giving Bang sensei this responsibility, who do you think you...”

Bang: “Hey! Let’s go!”

Charanko: “Wha-?”

King: "Is it ok if I bring my game?"

Tatsumaki “Where is this place? Cherry blossom viewing? Do you think S Class heroes have so much spare time? Are you stupid? Like hell I’ll come"

Fubuki: "Hopefully we can use that place regularly for meetings of the Blizzard Group"

The group is attacked by cherry blossom monsters on the way, but eventually they reach the picnic spot.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

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