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Sekingar (セキンガル, Sekingaru) is an executive for the Hero Association and the commander of the rescue mission for Waganma.[1]


Sekingar is a tall man with brown hair and dresses in a business suit. His right eye is replaced with a metal prosthetic eye.

Personality Edit

Sekingar is extremely efficient in planning and executing operations in the Hero Association. He is also calm, cautious and calculating in analyzing situations for the best of the Hero Association.

Furthermore, his cautious nature is shown when he removes Silver Fang and Demon Cyborg from Waganma's rescue operation due to Genos' suspicious past and Bang being emotionally compromised with Garou.

Similar to most heroes, he is also a glory hound as he has high hope for the success of the rescue operation and destruction of the Monster Association so he can get a promotion to advisor and go down in the history books as a hero.

He mentioned that he wants to be a hero, but failed the exam.


Hero Association SagaEdit

Rumored Monster ArcEdit

Sekingar attends a meeting discussing the hero report. He receives an investigation report from Spring Mustachio and Golden Ball about encountering a monster and hearing rumors about numerous powerful monsters already living in the area.[2]

Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Association ArcEdit

Sekingar intell

Sekingar informs results on Drive Knight's monster interrogation

Sekingar was at the Hero Association meeting discussing about the Monster Association invasion, when a staff member suddenly appeared being possessed by a parasite monster named Destrochloridium. The possessed staff carried a drone messenger of Gyoro Gyoro. The monsters explain their supposed motives of peace between them, but it was a ploy and they kill one of the staff members. Sitch asks about the whereabouts of the hostage, but Gyoro Gyoro explains that they have three days to prepare for a war.[3] Superalloy Darkshine arrives just in time and effortlessly kills Destrochloridium.

After Elder Centipede was killed, Sekingar and various Hero Association staff are having a meeting. They discuss the Hero Hunter situation and Sitch suggests to classify Garou as Disaster level Dragon.[4] Narinki barges into the meeting, demanding they rescue his son at once. Sekingar steps up, introduces himself as the commander of the rescue operation and reassures Narinki that they will save his son. Later, he meets with Tatsumaki, Pig God and Superalloy Darkshine. Tatsumaki is confident that she can take on the Monster Association but Sekingar warns her by projecting Drive Knight from his eye and telling her that he is missing in action.[5]


Sekingar's conviction on destroying the Monster Association

Sekingar meets up with Child Emperor to discuss his progress. Child Emporer informs him of his suspicions on Demon Cyborg and Silver Fang being emotionally compromised. They decide to remove them both from the rescue operation.[6] Sekingar informs Sitch on the removal of Demon Cyborg and from the operation of recovering the hostage and to not contact them. They will instead be replaced by other heroes though Sitch believes they will not be enough and may even die. Sekingar believes that Shibabawa's prophecy "The Earth is in trouble!!!" refers to the Monster Association while Sitch believes that it refers to a danger beyond the Monster Association and so they will need all the heroes they can to face it.[7]

When encountering the A and B-class strike team, he and Sitch tell the team their objectives and he confirms they will receive a promotion if they succeed in the mission.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Cyborg ModificationsEdit

Hologram Eye

Sekingar's cybernetic eye.

Cybernetic Eye: Sekingar has a cybernetic right eye that he uses to project data information like a projector. He used the eye to inform the heroes of Drive Knight's disappearance. His eye can shoot a laser.

  • Executive Beam: He charges his cybernetic eye and shoots a laser beam. However, the beam is rather weak, as it was only able to slightly burn a very weak monster’s skin.


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