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Seafolk(海人族, Kaijin-zoku / 深海族, Shinkai-zoku) were a race of beings that originated in the sea.


The Seafolk were a violent race of ocean-based creatures with a goal to take the surface of the Earth for their own and make humans their cattle. They were large humanoid creatures that possessed various aquatic animal traits such as gills, tentacles, and fins.


Several Seafolk surrounding Stinger

Even the messenger of the Seafolk had a threat level of "Wolf." Combat Seafolk have been shown to be powerful enough to lift a mini-truck with one arm. Several of them together were even more of a threat, with a threat level "Tiger". A group of Seafolk has been shown to be able to push a mid-ranking A-Class hero to his limits.


Hero Association SagaEdit

Sea Monster ArcEdit


The first Seafolk rises from the sea and starts to head inland, but before he could even leave the water, he is destroyed by Saitama.[1] Some time later a large wave hits the shore of J-City carrying several Seafolk with it. The Seafolk then rise from the water and begin to wreak havoc in the city. The hero Stinger shows up and saves a citizen from the grip of one of the Seafolk.[2]

Later the Seafolk are shown on a news report to have worn down the hero to his limits, but were defeated, with only the Deep Sea King surviving.[3]

Other MediaEdit



Lord Great White, the last survivor of the Seafolk invasion eats the "King of the Lake". But afterward, Saitama quickly takes care of him.


The Sisters Who Have Too Many Things HappeningEdit

During the Seafolk invasion, a shrimp-like member of the species is backed into a corner by the Blizzard Group, Lily tries to go in for the kill, only for the Seafolk to attack her with Acid Spit. Fubuki appears and disperses the Acid Spit before it can hit Lily and then proceeds to kill the Seafolk.

Known SeafolkEdit


Position Status
Deep Sea KingKingDeceased †
Lord Great WhiteSelf Proclaimed KingDeceased †
Messenger of the SeafolkMessengerDeceased †

Webcomic and Manga DifferencesEdit

In the manga and anime, the Seafolk attacked by the shore. In the webcomic, it was in the city. [4]


  • (As one is killed by Saitama) "Then, you humans shall live on as our cattl-GROAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH..."[1]


  • Lord Great White appears in the opening sequence of Season 2 of the anime.


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