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Saturn Man (土星マン, Dosei Man) is the C-Class Rank 359 professional hero for the Hero Association


Saturn Man wears a costume with a large image of planet Jupiter on his chest, and accents resembling the rings of Saturn around his head and waist.


Human Monster Saga

Monster Raid Arc

Saturn Man, along with Darkness Blade, Pandaman and Dynamite Man, is defeated and enslaved by Do-S.[1] He and many other heroes under Do-S' control are sent to attack Fubuki,[2] but are later immobilized by Tatsumaki's psychic powers.[3]

Appearances in Other Media


Pork Cutlet Bowl

Saturn Man was among the many heroes summoned by McCoy to combat the monster that was devastating the Z-City police station. He arrives at the scene late, after Saitama has already killed the monster.[4]

Abilities and Powers

Like most C-Class heroes, Saturn Man seems to prefer fighting with a group, rather than facing threats alone. As such, he is most often seen with other C-Class heroes.

Not much is known about his individual abilities, though given his rank, he is likely very weak, even by C-Class standards.


  • The image of the planet on his chest is of the planet Jupiter, rather than Saturn, his namesake. It is unclear if this mistake is intentional or erroneous.
  • Initially, Studless was seen being controlled by Do-S, but was later redrawn to be Saturn Man.[5]


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