Sanshon (サンション, Sanshon) was a member of Narinki's Private Squad.


Sanshon is a burly, well-built man. He has short black hair, a long mustache and a black beard. He wears glasses and has some creases under his eyes.

Plot Edit

Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Association ArcEdit

He and the rest of his team are summoned by Narinki to save his son. Narinki states that if his army retrieves his son, they will be paid so much their grandchildren won't have to work.[1]

Sanshon and the squad invade the Monster Association, but are eventually overpowered and attempt to escape. Before they can escape, however, G5 intercepts them and brings them to Orochi and Gyoro Gyoro. Sanshon and the rest of the team are absolutely terrified as the monsters contemplate what to do with them. Then, several monsters jump to kill them, but Royal Ripper murders them before they can reach the squad because he wants the pleasure all to himself. But then, G5 intervenes and says their battle suits are connected to their bodies. Royal Ripper still isn't convinced, but before he can torture them, Do-S stops his sword with her whip. She suggests to turn them into her love slaves, which Gyoro Gyoro agrees with and Sanshon, along with the other mercenaries, are turned into love slaves.

When the heroes invade the headquarters, Do-S tells Sanshon and the others to prepare for battle and kill any heroes that they come across.

Do-S and the private squad come across Atomic Samurai's three disciples and engage them in battle. Sanshon attacks Iaian with his sledgehammer, but the swordsman manages to block the blow. Then, while Bushidrill is momentarily distracted, Sanshon swings his sledgehammer down, although Bushidrill manages to dodge the attack. 

Eventually, Sweet Mask interrupts the battle and, after dismissing the disciples, massacres the entire squad, including Sanshon.

Abilities and PowersEdit

As a member of Narinki's Private Squad equipped with new battle armor from The Organization, Sanshon naturally has impressive abilities. He was shown to be able to pressure Atomic Samurai's disciples, who are S-class material, along with his other teammates.


Power Armor: Sanshon wears armor provided by Narinki and manufactured by The Organization.[2]The armor is even more advanced than the previous battle suits, and allows him to fight top ranking A-class heroes.

Sledgehammer: Sanshon carries a large sledgehammer and is presumably very proficient in wielding it.[3]


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