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"Salmon" (鮭, Sake) is an extra chapter included with Volume 6.


A camera group is in front of a building, where a man is about to jump off a building, after his life fell apart. Saitama is revealed to be sitting next to the man, eating his lunch, and the man thinks is trying to prevent him from jumping. The C-Class hero Red Nose is trying to get on camera under the guise of suicide prevention. As the man is trying to tell Saitama of the harshness of life, Saitama drops a salmon, and dashes down the building at high speed to catch it, and then jumps back up to the roof. The man then slips and falls in shock, but Saitama catches him, accidentally dropping his salmon again in the process. Saitama then encourages the man to move on, and the man storms off angrily after the crowd on the ground goads him. A monster then appears, and Saitama prepares to fight it.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Saitama (Cover)
  2. Red Nose
  3. Three Eyed Ghost


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