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Saitama vs. Tanktop Tiger and Tanktop Black Hole was the short battle between the C-Class hero Saitama and the Tank Topper Army Brothers, Tanktop Tiger and Tanktop Black Hole.


After Saitama is promoted to C-Class rank 5 for his performance against the meteor, Tanktop Tiger and his brother Tanktop Black Hole confront Saitama in public, trying to rile up the crowd against Saitama and defame him, using the situation as a publicity stunt for themselves.


Saitama vs Tiger

Tanktop Tiger attacks Saitama

Tanktop Tiger claims he has the fighting ability of a tiger, while Tanktop Black Hole boasts a grip strength of 200 kilos. Tanktop Tiger is the first to step forward to challenge Saitama but is quickly defeated with one punch. Tanktop Black Hole, enraged by this, jumps forward and grabs Saitama's hands, only to fall to his knees due to the pain of having his hands crushed by Saitama.

Saitama vs Blackhole

Tanktop Blackhole attacks Saitama

Tanktop Black Hole begins to profusely apologize for lying, but Saitama yells to everyone in the area that it was, in fact, his fault for the destruction and if anyone had a problem with it that they should say it to his face.


This is the beginning of Saitama's reputation being damaged and seen as a fraud.


  • It took 7 seconds for Tanktop Tiger to surrender to Saitama, and 13 seconds for Tanktop Black Hole.[1]


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