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Saitama vs. Speed-o'-Sound Sonic: Round Three was the third fight between the B-Class hero Saitama and the ninja assassin Speed-o'-Sound Sonic.


Genos vs. Speed-o'-Sound Sonic continues, as Sonic attacks Genos using Scattered Flash Slash. Unable to deal with Sonic's speed, Genos decides to blast the entire area with his Incineration Cannon in order to beat him. Before he can do so, he is knocked down by Saitama, who doesn't want his apartment to be damaged. Saitama scolds Genos for not having any reason to fight Sonic. Saitama then decides to fight Sonic seriously due to his persistence, to which Sonic gleefully replies that he will show his newly developed technique.


Serious Side Hops

Saitama's Serious Side Hops

Sonic attacks Saitama with his ultimate technique: Ten Shadows Burial. Genos remarks that Sonic must have gone through harsh training to perform such a technique. Fubuki deduces that Sonic's combat skills are worthy of the S-Class and that naturally, a B-Class hero like Saitama shouldn't stand a chance against him. While preparing for the kill, Sonic thinks to himself that he always felt helpless against Saitama and that he must win, or else he will never be able to move on from this crippling mentality.

Sidehops aftermath

Saitama hits Sonic with the move

Saitama bends his knees, widens his stance, and counters with his own super move: Serious Series - Serious Side Hops, creating an infinite amount of clones and starts moving forward with it, all the while causing tremendous shock-waves that easily destroy Sonic's clones, beating him and ending the battle effortlessly yet again.


Sonic then appears to be knocked out, which to Genos resembles death, but Sonic manages to instantly leave. Fubuki, witnessing everything, claims Saitama to be too strong, and her obsession to make him join her group grows even further.

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