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Saitama vs. Deep Sea King was the battle between the C-Class hero Saitama and the Deep Sea King, a Demon-level Mysterious Being.


Mumen Rider is sent flying by Deep Sea King and is caught by Saitama, who arrives just in time to save him.


Saitama catches Mumen Rider and congratulates him on a "nice fight", prompting Deep Sea King to ask about the new "weakling" that had appeared. Saitama notices Genos and asks if he is still alive, to which the cyborg replies weakly. 

Sighing, Saitama claims that he will pound the "seafreak or whatever it's called", greatly angering Deep Sea King who rushes over and punches Saitama in the back of the head.

Saitama is unharmed by the Deep Sea King's angry blow

While his head wobbles, Saitama remains unharmed and unfazed, which impresses Deep Sea King, who proceeds to monologue about how he stands atop all life on Earth. Saitama interrupts him, saying that it is raining and that they should get this over with.

Furious, Deep Sea King throws a full-power punch at Saitama, but before it can connect Saitama casually punches Deep Sea King in the stomach, ripping a hole in his torso and killing him instantly.

Saitama defeats Deep Sea King with just one punch

The crowd cheers in triumph and happiness, elated to know that Deep Sea King had finally been defeated and they were safe.

Genos then smiles at his master's success, while Saitama is rather disappointed with the anti-climactic battle.


Saitama and Mumen Rider bond

This battle had a rather hefty effect on how the people thought of Saitama. Many people thought of Saitama negatively, due to the way he tried to falsely take credit as being the only one who took down Deep Sea King, even though it was true. However, some people still held him in high regard after this battle, such as Mumen Rider, as the two became friends.


  • The battle between Saitama and Deep Sea King lasted 8 seconds.[1]


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