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Introduction Saga[]

Saitama Introduction Arc[]

House of Evolution Arc[]

Paradise Group Arc[]

Hero Association Saga[]

National Superhero Registry Arc[]

Rumored Monster Arc[]

Giant Meteor Arc[]

Sea Monster Arc[]

Alien Conquerors Arc[]

King Arc[]

Human Monster Saga[]

The Blizzard Group Arc[]

Hero Hunt Arc[]

Monster Raid Arc[]

Super Fight Arc[]

Monster Association Arc[]

Appearances in Other Media[]


Road to Hero[]

A Shadow That Snuck Up Too Close[]

The Pupil Who Is An Extremely Poor Talker[]

The Ninja Who is Too Complicated[]

Bang, Who Is Too Overbearing[]

The Sisters Who Have Too Many Things Happening[]

The Murder Case That Is Too Impossible[]

Saitama and the Mediocre Ability Users[]

Genos and Memory Loss[]

Games and Rivals[]

Zombieman Murder Case 2[]

Settei Sheets[]