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Robots (ロボット, Robotto) are mechanical beings that are either remotely-controlled or have their own artificial intelligence.


List of known RobotsEdit

Name Affiliation Status
Brave GiantChild Emperor (Hero Association)Destroyed
Demonic FanUnaffiliatedDestroyed
Dig Here Woof Woof No. 3Child Emperor (Hero Association)Active
G4The OrganizationDestroyed
G5The Organization (Monster Association)Destroyed
GaleMonster AssociationDestroyed
HellfireMonster AssociationDestroyed
Ribbit Ribbit MaskChild Emperor (Hero Association)Active
Metal Knight UnitsBofoi (Hero Association)
Monster Association
Mini Octotank No. 8Child Emperor (Hero Association)Destroyed
Tickle-Tickle Bug 1Child Emperor (Hero Association)Active
Underdog Man No. 22Child Emperor (Hero Association)Destroyed
Underdog Man No. 23Child Emperor (Hero Association)Merged
Underdog Man No. 24Child Emperor (Hero Association)Merged
Underdog Man No. 25Child Emperor (Hero Association)Merged
Mad Dog Underdog CerberusChild Emperor (Hero Association)Unknown
The following section contains webcomic spoilers.
MirrorThe OrganizationAlive



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