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A robot (ロボット, Robotto) is a mechanical being that is either remotely-controlled or has its own artificial intelligence.


List of known RobotsEdit

Name Affiliation Status
Brave GiantHero AssociationDestroyed
Demonic FanNoneDestroyed
Dig Here Woof Woof No. 3Hero AssociationActive
G4The OrganizationDestroyed
G5The Organization
Monster Association
Ribbit Ribbit MaskHero AssociationActive
Little BravesHero AssociationDestroyed
Metal Knight UnitHero AssociationDestroyed
Mini Octotank No. 8Hero AssociationDestroyed
Tickle-Tickle Bug 1Hero AssociationActive
Underdog Man No. 22Hero AssociationDestroyed
Underdog Man No. 23Hero AssociationMerged
Underdog Man No. 24Hero AssociationMerged
Underdog Man No. 25Hero AssociationMerged
GaleMonster AssociationDestroyed
HellfireMonster AssociationDestroyed


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