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Resurrection is the ability for an individual to come back from a near-death experience.  


Phoenix Man's Resurrection

Phoenix Man's Resurrection

If the user is brought to the brink of death, the user is revived, rejuvenated, and becomes several times stronger. If the body is still intact, it appears the user can be resurrected any number of times. The potency of this ability is seen when Phoenix Man, through a single rebirth, was able to go from Disaster Level Demon to Disaster Level Dragon and additionally gained pyrokinesis. Before, he could not break a single invisible shield that Child Emperor had set up, but after his rebirth, he easily broke through all five of them at once. Then, with his second rebirth, his power not only increased, but he gained the ability to reanimate corpses to do his bidding, although they did not possess any of their original cognitive functions and only attacked blindly.

The only one who has been shown to possess and utilize this ability is Phoenix Man. Phoenix Man attained this ability by being stuck in a costume of a TV show character that constantly dies and revives, so once he became a monster, he received those abilities.

List of Known UsersEdit

Name Affiliation Status
Phoenix ManMonster AssociationAlive


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