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Regeneration is the ability to regrow certain body parts or cells that have been dismembered or destroyed and replace them with brand new cells, or simply regrouping all of their separated parts back together.

Overview[edit | edit source]

There have been several beings capable of this, although each mysterious being has had different types of regeneration and different ways they have regenerated, and differed in how much time it takes to regenerate their bodies and whether they recreate cells in their body or regroup cells back together.

Some humans and mysterious beings have a weaker version of this ability, and are able to regenerate fractured bones or mutilated body parts.

List of Known Users[edit | edit source]

Name Affiliation Status
Black Sperm Monster Association Alive
Boros Dark Matter Thieves Deceased †
Deep Sea King Seafolk Deceased †
Demonic Fan Unaffiliated Deceased †
Elder Centipede Monster Association Deceased †
Garou Unaffiliated Alive
Melzargard Dark Matter Thieves Deceased †
Mosquito Girl House of Evolution Deceased †
Orochi Monster Association Alive
Pureblood Monster Association Deceased †
Puri-Puri Prisoner Hero Association Alive
Sludge Jellyfish Monster Association Deceased †
Super Mouse Monster Association Deceased †
Sweet Mask Hero Association Alive
Zombieman Hero Association Alive
The following section contains webcomic spoilers.
Fuhrer Ugly Monster Association Deceased †

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