Red Muffler (赤マフ, Aka Mafu) is a C-Class Rank 89 professional hero for the Hero Association.


Red Muffler is a young man with short lightly colored hair. He wears armor featuring a chest plate, shoulder pads and shin guards with a star on the chest plate and shoulder pads. He also wears a large red scarf around his neck.


Red Muffler is a realistic young man, who understands the limit of his abilities.


Magicicida Larva AttackEdit

Heroes return to shelter

Red Muffler defeated

Red Muffler, along with Grad School Graduate were attempting to fight The 170,000-Year Magicicada Nymph, but were struggling. Then Darkness Blade shows up and they believed they would be able to defeat the monster. The next time the three are seen is Shelter Nr. 7 having been defeated by the Mysterious Being.[3]

Plot Edit

Human Monster Saga Edit

Monster Raid Arc Edit

He appears to fight Hundred-Eyes Octopus but is nearly crushed before being saved by Bone.

He is one of many heroes who attempts to help defeat Hundred-Eyes Octopus before Flashy Flash shows up.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit



He and the other heroes tried to stop Jumping Spider together, but were easily blown away by the creature because of a misunderstanding of the monster's real capability. Red Muffler was about to be eaten, but was saved by Bang.[4]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Given his rank it is safe to assume he is fairly strong by C-Class standards. His power level is used as the control for
Screenshot 2018-10-11-01-02-33-1

Red Muffler Armor

Child Emperor's device and is set to 100. However, the fact he has lost every fight he's been in, even with the assistance of B-Class and A-Class heroes implies he's still a very weak fighter.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: Red Muffler has been shown to be quick on his feet when fighting Jumping Spider.[5]

Fighting StyleEdit

  • Red Meteoric Kick (赤い気象のキック, Akai kishō no kikku): A flying kick delivered at the enemy. Its power is unseen, as Jumping Spider dodged before the attack could connect.[6]

Hero RatingEdit

Red Muffler's rating determined by the Hero Association[1]:

Ability Type Stamina Intelligence Justice Endurance Power Popularity Effectiveness Fighting Ability Total

Major BattlesEdit


  • He is named after the red scarf he wears in order to distinguish himself as a hero.[1]


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