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Rafflesidon (ラフレシドン, Rafureshidon; Viz: Lafreshidon) was a Mysterious Being and a member of the Monster Association. He was killed by Metal Bat.[1]


Raffleisdon bore a great resemblance to the Rafflesia flower albeit with slightly more rounded features. However, despite his great resemblance to the flower, he had two eyes with completely black sclera and white irises. He had a bulbous nose with a wood like texture to it. He also had many of his roots sticking out in several directions.


Rafflesidon took a calculated approach in battle, relying on others to distract an opponent while he releases gases to manipulate the battleground.


Human Monster Saga[]

Monster Raid Arc[]

After Senior Centipede knocks Metal Bat, Narinki, and Waganma out of the restaurant, Rafflesidon releases his Hypno Scent and emerges from the sewers. Narinki and Waganma immediately fall unconscious. Rafflesidon and Senior Centipede are left to fight Metal Bat.[2]

While Senior Centipede and Rafflesidon fight Metal Bat, Rafflesidon is able to get Metal Bat into a hypnotic state. However, Metal Bat eventually pulls himself out of the hypnotic state by bonking his head and kills Rafflesidon with a single strike.[3]

Abilities and Powers[]

Physical Abilities[]

Gas Release: Rafflesidon had the ability to release a sleeping gas that induces unconsciousness after inhalation.[4]

Fighting Style[]

Hypno Scent taking effect on Metal Bat

Hypno Scent (催眠香, Saimin Kō): Rafflesidon releases a gas that puts a target to sleep.[5] A stronger human like Metal Bat can resist the effects of the gas for longer, but given enough exposure will still succumb to its sleep-inducing effects.

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Despite mainly being a supporting role in battle, Rafflesidon was still decently skilled in close-quarters combat and would engage in such scenarios with his vines.

Major Battles[]

Participants Chapter(s) Episode(s) Result
Rafflesidon and Senior Centipede vs. Metal Bat 54, 55 16 Rafflesidon is killed.


  • Rafflesidon's name may come from the similarly named rafflesia flower.
  • The ドン part of Refflesidon's name might come from Italian or Spanish Don, possibly referring to him being male or higher status than other monsters.


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