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Rafflesidon (ラフレシドン, Rafureshidon; Viz: Lafreshidon) was a Mysterious Being that appears to assist Senior Centipede in fighting Metal Bat. He was killed by Metal Bat.[1]


Raffleisdon bore a great resemblance to the rafflesia flower albeit with slightly more rounded features. However, despite its great resemblance to the flower, it had two eyes with completely black sclera and white irises. It had a bulbous nose with a wood like texture to it. It also had many of his roots sticking out in several directions.


It was rather calculating when it came to battle, relying mostly on others to distract an opponent while Rafflesidon releases gases to manipulate the battleground.


Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Raid ArcEdit

After Senior Centipede knocked Metal Bat and the Heroes Association's sponsor and the sponsor's child outside of the restaurant, Rafflesidon emerged from the sewers and started releasing sleeping gas. The sponsor and the sponsor's child immediately fall unconscious. Rafflesidon and Senior Centipede are left to fight Metal Bat.[2]

While Senior Centipede and Rafflesidon fight Metal Bat, Rafflesidon is able to get Metal Bat into a hypnotic state. However, Metal Bat eventually comes out the hypnotic state after bonking himself, much to Rafflesidon's surprise. Rafflesidon is then defeated by Metal Bat with one strike.[3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Releasing Gases: Rafflesidon had the ability to release various types of gases. One type of gas that Rafflesidon released is sleeping gas, which causes people to become unconscious moments after inhaling it.[4]

Fighting StyleEdit

Hypnosis: It used its various types of gases in combat to hypnotize its opponents.

Hypno Scent

Hypno Scent taking effect on Metal Bat

  • Hypno Scent (催眠香, Saimin Kō): Rafflesidon releases gas that causes hypnosis.[5] However, the victim is able to retain some control over his/her actions and is able to escape the hypnosis state by causing injury to his or her own head.[6]

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Despite mainly being a supporting role in battle, Rafflesidon was still decently skilled in close-quarters combat and would engage in such scenarios with its vines.

Major BattlesEdit

Participants Chapter(s) Episode(s) Result
Rafflesidon and Senior Centipede vs. Metal Bat 54, 55 16 Rafflesidon is killed


  • Raffleisdon's name may come from the similarly named rafflesia flower.


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