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R-City (R市 R Shi) is a large city situated on the Earth.

There are 14 heroes living in this city.[1]


Major Talent Company: Handsome CastleEdit

The Handsome Castle is a talent company where newcomer celebrities come. Sweet Mask is the main face of the talent agency and the Soda Pop Boys are a group of wanna-be heroes that recently joined the Hero Association.



Number of Heroes by Class:[2]

  • A-Class: 1
  • B-Class: 3
  • C-Class: 10



Unnamed SagaEdit

Psychic Sister ArcEdit

Sweet Mask gets introduced to the Soda Pop Boys and is asked to take them under his guidance. He rejects the idea and insults the group, calling them copycats and an "ugly imitation" of him. Cherion, a member of the group and a C-Class hero, challenges Sweet Mask, but suddenly feels a shivering chill when he see's Sweet Mask's veiny neck and face.[3]


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