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Q-City (Q市 Q Shi) is a large city situated on the Earth. Not much is known about the location, other than the hero in charge of supervision of the city is the S-Class, Watchdog Man.

Q-City is labeled as the most dangerous city in terms of number and average disaster level of Mysterious Beings. However, Watchdog Man seems to be keeping the area calm.[1] Civilians clean the monster remains after the battles by Watchdog Man.[2]

There are 13 heroes living in this city.[3]


Watchdog Plaza[]

Watchdog Plaza.png

Watchdog Plaza is a famous meeting point where many fans go to take pictures. The plaza has an observation platform for Watchdog Man.[4]



Number of Heroes by Class:[3]

  • S-Class: 1
  • A-Class: 2
  • C-Class: 10



Hero Association Saga[]

Rumored Monster Arc[]

The city is briefly seen when the Hero Association meeting discussing the status reports from various cities is shown.

Human Monster Saga[]

Monster Raid Arc[]

Garou comes to Q-City to challenge Watchdog Man to a fight. However, various monsters from the Monster Association attempt to invade the city first, but Watchdog Man easily crushes the invasion, letting Garou see Watchdog Man's fighting style first hand.

Super Fight Arc[]

After Watchdog Man kills all the monsters, Garou charges at him but is easily defeated by the hero.


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