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Psykos (サイコス, Saikosu, Viz: Psychos) is an esper, the military adviser of the Monster Association,[2] and a former friend of Fubuki.[3] She is one of the main antagonists of the Monster Association Arc.


Psykos has a slender and curvaceous figure. She has long aqua-blue wavy hair and emerald-green eyes. She typically wears glasses.

Psykos's meat puppet, Gyoro Gyoro, appears as a large slug-like monster with a single eye, with no visible facial orifice and eight arms protruding through its head. it has four main arms, stubby legs, three toe feet, and a fat circular body, which is green in the manga and pink in the anime.

During high school, Psykos had braces, which made her mouth puckered. She also wore larger and rounder glasses and had freckles.[4]


Equally as manipulative as she is cunning, Psykos also often schemes and plots around the other members of the Monster Association geared towards experimental needs.[5] She played Rhino Wrestler for a fool by sending the lower-level monster against opponents he had no hope against during the heroes' invasion for scientific curiosity.[6] Psykos is also quite arrogant, sadistic, and volatile.

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Before succumbing to madness by the future she had foreseen, she used to be a clumsy person and showed great respect toward her former friend, Fubuki.

Psykos is ambitious, continuously working to expand Fubuki's influence in her youth and the power of the Monster Association in the present day. She is also very mischievous, as she enjoys playing sadistic games with the Hero Association staff.[7] Being very calculating, she takes into consideration the compatibility of each battle.[8]

However, at the same time, she is merciless to her subordinates who fail to match her expectations with very few to no real exceptions.

She also carries an incredibly dim view of humans, despite being one herself, stating in derogatory terms that they only take up space and accomplish naught but squandering everything they get their hands on.[9] This is where the respect she harbored for Fubuki was shattered after her mentor crippled her powers. Despite this resentment for her former superior, she still withholds some underlying longing for her fellow esper's acknowledgment.

One of her overarching personality traits stems from her all-consuming hatred of humankind and all of their works, which came about when Psykos peered into the future of mankind.

Abilities and PowersEdit

As the second-highest-ranking member of the Monster Association, Psykos has great authority over almost everyone and oversees the organization's operations and activities, and as a Dragon-level threat, she is an extremely powerful being. She is shown to be very powerful as an Esper, but not very skilled. Garou has commented she can't perform more than one action at the same time when using Telekinesis. After merging with Orochi, her psychic power increases exponentially, allowing her to contend with Tatsumaki and seriously harm the esper, although Tatsumaki reveals she was holding back because Tareo's safety wasn't secured.[10]

Supernatural AbilitiesEdit

Psykos laser beam

Psykos fires a laser beam from her eyes

Psychokinesis: Psykos is a powerful esper. She can send out psychic signals to her colleagues from over great distances, as well as remotely control Gyoro Gyoro from 1500 meters underground.[11] When her power is amplified by her Elixir, Psykos can break free of Tatsumaki's restraints and drag her down from a large distance even as she is being dragged herself upwards.[12]

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Her psychic output surpasses Fubuki[13] but is inferior to Tatsumaki's. She was also able to immobilize Bang long enough for Homeless Emperor to attack him.[14]

Energy Projection: Psykos can shoot powerful energy beams from her eyes.[15]

Gravity Manipulation: While controlling Gyoro Gyoro, Psykos could manipulate gravity and use it to crush her enemies.

Spy Drones: Psykos created and could control several spy drones that are shaped in the image of Gyoro Gyoro and can communicate through them. These spy drones could possess wings to fly a great distance or be planted as stationary viewpoints like security cameras.

Telepathy (テレパシー, Terepashī): Psykos uses telepathy to communicate with others. She uses this, as Gyoro Gyoro, to tell Garou to wait while sorting out disputes among the monsters.[16]

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Clairvoyance: Psykos has the ability to see into the future. This ability is called the "Third Eye."[17]

Miscellaneous AbilitiesEdit

Monster Transformation Stimulation: Psykos claims that she can stimulate growth in humans and turn some of them into exceptionally powerful monsters, like in the case of Orochi. Gyoro Gyoro's method is unknown in detail, but it can be assumed to be similar to the phenomenon of abnormal cellular reactions that normally transform some humans into monsters, without the Monster Cell.

Evaluation: Psykos is able to analyze any individual's power. How she evaluates people's power is unknown, but she is the one responsible for evaluating the disaster level of the Monster Association's members. She was also able to measure Garou's exceptional growth after re-encountering him after he is fought against Overgrown Rover, unlike previous monsters who underestimated Garou despite his feats.[18]

Fighting StyleEdit

Master Psychic Combatant: Psykos is a very powerful esper.

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However, she still has less experience and expertise than Fubuki and Tatsumaki, which is why she lost to Fubuki even though she had a greater psychic output.

  • Psychic Binding (念動金縛り, Nen-dō Kanashibari): An ability used to suppress the power of another esper.

Psykos uses the Elixir to increase her power

  • Super Gravity Waves (重力超激浪, Jūryoku Chōgekirō): Psykos multiplies the gravity around a certain area to crush her opponent. After merging with Orochi, her ability to multiply gravity increases to the point that even Tatsumaki struggles with the increased gravity.
    • Gravity Times 300 (重力300倍, Jūryoku 300-bai): Psykos increases the gravity of an area by 300 times.[19]


  • Elixir: Psykos managed to create an elixir that increases her psychic power, which she consumes to fight against Tatsumaki.

Fusion with OrochiEdit

Psykorochi catches Tatsumaki

The fusion of Psykos and Orochi traps Tatsumaki

After barely surviving his battle with Saitama, Orochi uses his absorption ability to regenerate his body. He absorbs his master Psykos; however, Psykos resists complete assimilation and the two merge into one huge red monster with many tentacles. During the fusion, they met and received additional power from a being they refer to as God.[20] They are strong enough to injure Tatsumaki and force her to get serious.[21] In this state, Psykos claims that in terms of power, she is already above Tatsumaki.[22] Their attacks manage to increase to devastating levels, creating tsunamis over a portion of the planet's hemisphere.[23]

  • Power Incorporation: Orochi can incorporate other's powers with his assimilation ability. These powers are then increased according to Orochi's own strength. The fusion continuously grows stronger by absorbing the energy from others and the planet through tendrils rooted in the ground; Psykos believes they can become one with the Earth itself as a perfect celestial life form.[24]
  • Psychokinesis: Psykos' psychokinesis is greatly amplified by Orochi's power. When their barrier clashes with Tatsumaki's, Tatsumaki is genuinely surprised at how hard it is. They can even usurp Tatsumaki's control of her barrier and turn it inside out, causing Tatsumaki's power to work against her. Due to Psykos being fused to the Earth through her roots, her barrier only covers the "main body".[25]
    • Gravity Manipulation: This fusion can manipulate gravity.
  • Shapeshifting: This fusion can shapeshift its horns into an enormous avatar of Psykos. The avatar appears to lack an internal structure, and Tatsumaki refers to it as "unexpectedly hollow", mocking Psykos with the term "Miss Papier-mâché".[26] Despite this, the avatar can split in half and reveal other types of shapes, such as a gigantic face of Psykos or a three-pronged "beak" that can unleash laser beams.
    • Tendril Generation: This fusion is able to extend its fingers into large spears as long as the main body.
    • Metamorphosis: The dragons which could be created before by Orochi can be created again in greater size and power.
Psykos-Orochi energy blast 1

The fusion shoots a condensed energy wave

  • Energy Projection: This fusion can unleash a widespread energy attack so powerful it can easily cut through the Earth's surface as it passes through, lifting a severed disk of oceanic crust, seawater and the sky above it into the air before it crashes back down.[27] The energy attacks are so powerful that they can easily overwhelm Genos' Thunder Drill Cannon, stated to be capable of destroying a huge meteor in one shot.[28]
  • Electricity Manipulation: Through its spears, this fusion can discharge electric shocks powerful enough to temporarily stun Tatsumaki and make her lose control of her powers.[29]
  • Regeneration: The fusion retains Orochi's ability to regenerate; after their body was mangled by Tatsumaki, the fusion quickly regenerated from the damage.[30]
  • Smoke Manipulation: The fusion is capable of expelling huge quantities of heavy smoke to create a cover for itself and hamper the senses of their opponent.[31]
  • Flight: The fusion is capable of flying at high speeds by shapeshifting itself into a jet.[32]


  • "Bear witness to the one whom Gyoro Gyoro can’t begin to compare with, Lord Psykos and her terrifying psychokinesis!"[33]
  • (To Orochi) "You are nothing more than a vessel to amplify my powers... I am the Master!!"[34]
  • (To Tatsumaki) "You lost your chance at winning. I was chosen as a superior entity. And I was bestowed more power than you possess."[35]
  • (Psykos referring to something like God) "Brain cells... The structural diagram of the universe. It looks like Jupiter's surface. Something like God... When it stopped... It looked into me. I felt fear. At the same time, a mysterious power was flowing into me. In that instant, I was enlightened about my destiny."[36]
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  • "It's pointless! No, there's no point in taking over the world! All these Homo sapiens know to do is eat, shit, mate, and reproduce! You cannot unite them! They are a bunch of food wasting vermin! Even below that! There's no honor in ruling over the human race! They'd be better off reduced to zero! They must be destroyed! There's no choice but to destroy them! This is my mission! It is time the chosen ones eradicate these Homo sapiens!"


  • In all of her appearances, Psykos is seen wearing her glasses, and as even her psychic avatars wear them. It is unknown whether the glasses are of any use to her in that form.
  • The hand gesture of the Fusion Form of Psykos and Orochi to fire the massive energy wave is similar to the tri-beam technique used by Tien Shinhan from Dragon Balls series.
  • The design of Psykos after fusing with Orochi seems to be based around the Whore Of Babylon, a biblical female figure:
    • Both Psykos and Babylon are depicted as slender women riding a seven-headed, ten-horned beast. In the case of Psykos, her lower body consists of seven heads that appear to be a vague mixture of reptilian and feline traits, each with a different number of horns that sums up to ten in total. Babylon instead rides the Beast of Revelation, described as "a leopard, with feet like the feet of a bear, and had a mouth like a lion".
    • The attachment of Psykos to a very tall tower might be a reference to the Tower of Babel (Babylon in Hebrew).
  • Her fusion with Orochi can also be based on the fusion of Rei Ayanmi and Lilith from the Neon Genesis Evangelion ending movie; The End of Evangelion:
    • Both fusions share the same traits regardings their aspects; most prominently the form of the giant white nake white woman, the two long pointed spears reminiscent from the Spears of Longinus and the spherical shape form that fusions they once had in their hands.


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