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"Pork Cutlet Bowl" (カツ丼, Katsudon) is an extra chapter included with Volume 7.


As Saitama is out on a walk he is stopped by two police men on patrol. The curious hero asks why he's being inspected only to find his questions rebuffed and is taken in for questioning. Through further investigation into his background the two lawmen come to the conclusion that Saitama may be the culprit behind a string of assaults that have been occurring around their precinct. Judging by his unemployment, living in a rural abandoned area with blood on his hands makes him only more suspicious. While offered a bowl of pork cutlet by Chief Kuma, they were discussing about the Hero Association and Chief Kuma's previous partner, who failed the hero exams and joined the police forces.

While they were still conversing, the real culprit behind the string of officer affront, a demon level monster threat named Surprise-Attack Plum, began attacking their station after shedding his delivery man disguise and stating his hatred of the law was out of revenge for arresting him. Out of desperation, Chief Kuma calls the Hero Association, with McCoy wanting to cast the dignity of the police, but Saitama quickly snatches and crushes the chief's cellphone before he could plead, clarifying that neither heroes, nor cops do their job by pleading. Saitama then offers to take care of the monster as a repayment for the pork cutlet.

Outside the police station there are countless bystanders, the local news and a horde of heroes from the Hero Association who were sent by McCoy, after he had leaked the information to the media and sent out every available upper rank hero in order to further disgrace the police force. However before anyone can do anything, a lone police officer steps out of the building, carrying the monster on his back much to everyone's shock and awe as well as McCoy's chagrin. All the news channel present at the scene bustle their way into a police blockade, desperate to know who the mystery officer was that took out the monster. Before anybody could thank him, Saitama had already left the scene content with having helped the police.

When asked by another officer about him, Chief Kuma simply states that initially he was thought to be an unemployed man with no valid address, but later rescinded his opening statement, simply calling him a hero.

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