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Pluton, King of the Underworld (冥界王プル豚, Meikaiō Puruton) was a Dragon-level Mysterious Being and the King of the Underworld. He was killed by Saitama.[1]


Pluton was a gigantic pig-like creature with red eyes and tubes running from the side of his nose and neck to his shoulders. His skin was dark with gray and red sewn patches. He wore red pants and a shirt with green, yellow, brown and gray patches sewn together; over which is a rib cage, with his shoulder decorated with pig skulls.[1]


Like several of the other kings, he was a greedy, power-hungry tyrant who wanted to take the surface-world for himself, enjoying the deaths of several of the humans he slaughtered and hating them for living in gluttony and littering the world with worthless objects.[1]


Hero Association Saga

Alien Conquerors Arc

Awakened due to constant pollution on Earth, Pluton appeared in Y-City and wrecks havoc in said city. As he is about to kill a defenseless child, Genos arrives and saves the kid, before introducing himself to Pluton, buying some time for Saitama to appear and eliminate the monster, but the latter eventually cries out and curses the heavens as his life returns to one-punch defeats.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Pluton's immense destructive power.

Not much was seen of his abilities, however, as a Dragon-level disaster, it can be assumed that he was very powerful. Pluton seemed to have the ability to suck surrounding debris with his powerful nostrils, assuming that is how he destroyed a large portion of Y-City.

Physical Abilities

Immense Strength: Pluton possessed colossal strength fitting his size, as he was able to easily destroy a large portion of Y-City.

Immense Speed and Reflexes: As a Dragon-level monster, it can be presumed he had very impressive speed and reflexes. He was able to traverse the distance between City Z and City Y within a short period of time. Although it's unclear how much his large size hampered his abilities.

Powerful Nostrils: Pluton has very large and powerful nostrils that he used to suck people and buildings into his body with, and they were capable of tearing up large portions of a city.[1]

Major Battles

Participants Chapter(s) Episode(s) Result
Pluton vs. Saitama None 12 Pluton is killed


Murata's sketch of Pluton [2]



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