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Pull out your Ultimate Hellfire Burst Wave Motion Cannon if you wish. In that same instant, I shall send your head flying.
— Platinum Sperm challenging King[1]

Platinum Sperm (白金プラティナム精子, Puratinamu Seishi; Viz: Platinum Spermatozoon) is the ultimate fusion of Black Sperm,[2] and a member of the Monster Association. He was killed by Garou.


Platinum Sperm is a very large and muscular humanoid, yet with a much more lean body than Golden Sperm. His signature head shape is much longer than the regular Black Sperm clones. His signature element is his platinum shimmer, similar to Golden Sperm's golden color. The platinum shimmer extends over the top half of Platinum Sperm's face, similar to a mask, and there appear to be two dark lines that trail down either side of Platinum Sperm's head and over the shoulders before tapering off at the pectorals.


Platinum Sperm is shown to be an extremely confident individual, so much so that he is confident enough in stepping up to King without any signs of anxiety and claiming that he can send the hero's head flying in an instant. He is also very vain, describing himself as perfect and flawless.

He also appears to have a tactical mind, as shown when he suggested Garou join forces to defeat Flashy Flash. After outmatching Flashy Flash in his specialty, speed and seeing him lose his cool, Platinum Sperm mocks the hero and likens him to Superalloy Darkshine, stating that he too, is the kind of hero who will abandon their duties and try to protect their pride if they encounter such situation.


Human Monster Saga[]

Monster Association Arc[]

Having grown paranoid and fearful of King's words and next movements, believing that the hero is looking down on him, Black Sperm is enraged and decides to merge all of his clones together in order to defeat King. All of the Black Sperm clones charge toward Golden Sperm and begin merging with him, while a unit of 100 Black Sperm cells is detached as insurance. Platinum Sperm is then born.

Platinum Sperm readying to fight King

Right after birth, Platinum Sperm readies to face King, showing no signs of fear. After King unfolds his arms and seemingly prepares for his attack, Platinum Sperm stretches the tentacle on his head and incapacitates several heroes around King with it, which frightens him. He then states that he realizes King has desired to fight him in his perfect condition as the reason why he has not made his move yet. Platinum Sperm proceeds to challenge King, telling him to unleash his Ultimate Hellfire Burst Wave Motion Cannon attack while claiming that he himself will finish the hero by sending his head off at the same moment. As King is closing his eyes and shouting the name of his attack in an attempt to intimidate him, Garou dashes in the direction of Platinum Sperm and sends him flying with a single punch before proceeding to splash Evil Natural Water with multiple blows in extreme quick succession.

Platinum Sperm interrupting and attacking Garou and Flashy Flash

As Flashy Flash shows up and is talking with Garou, Platinum Sperm recovers and interrupts them by simultaneously passing through the two and landing multiple blows. He is disappointed by Garou, commenting that despite the latter having monsterized so much, he still has yet to decide to side with the monsters. Unfazed by the sudden attack, both Flashy Flash and Garou start a free-for-all battle with Platinum Sperm. The three of them begin exchanging blows at incredible speeds. During the fight, Platinum Sperm suggests Garou team up with him to defeat Flashy Flash, pointing out that the hero's been weakened due to losing his sword and saying that they can have a one-on-one battle immediately after beating him. As Garou pretends to agree with him, Platinum Sperm lets his guard down and is punched in the face by the Hero Hunter, much to his anger. While their fight continues, Garou begins to showcase his Monster Calamity God Slayer Fist, and momentarily repels both him and Flashy Flash.

Platinum Sperm defeating Flashy Flash

As the fight intensifies, he and Garou begin to outmatch Flashy Flash, hurting the S-Class hero's pride of his speed. Flashy Flash is enraged and charges at him with his Flashy Fist, landing multiple punches on him, but Platinum Sperm is relatively unharmed by the attack and quickly uses his Platinum Rings to defend himself and stop the hero. While catching his wrist, Platinum Sperm comments that he now knows Flash's limits as a mere human, before kicking him away. Flashy Flash quickly recovers and attacks Garou with his Flowing Shadow Feet, only for the Hero Hunter to deflect his kick away. At this moment, Platinum Sperm comes in and kicks Flashy Flash in the face, remarking that the hero is full of openings and asking what is wrong with his spirit. As he viciously pummels the S-Class hero, he likens him to Darkshine, saying that once they are outmatched by someone in their specialty, they abandon their duties and put all their effort into protecting their own pride. Platinum Sperm then finally defeats him by punching him in the face so hard that it sends the hero skyrocketing down into ground, knocking him out as a result.

Platinum Sperm is defeated by Garou

Immediately after Flash's defeat, Platinum Sperm is engaged by Garou, and the two of them begin fighting for real. He is able to fight Garou on equal footing, exchanging a multitude of blows with him within only 1.3 milliseconds in the sky, before the Hero Hunter manages to send him skyrocketing into the surface. An injured Platinum Sperm gets up, becomes furious and calls out Garou. In an instant, Garou dashes through him, diving both his hands through his body, delivering a finishing blow that causes Platinum Sperm to explode into bits.

Abilities and Powers[]

As a fusion comprising 53 trillion 999 billion 999 million 999 thousand 900 cells, including Golden Sperm, Platinum Sperm is an extremely powerful being. He possesses an overwhelming aura as sensed by Atomic Samurai.[3] Platinum Sperm was also confident enough in his strength to challenge King, who is regarded as one of the most powerful heroes in the world and is even titled "The Strongest Man on Earth", without showing visible signs of anxiety.[3] In his fight against an evolved Garou and Flashy Flash, the latter being a highly skilled ninja and powerful S-Class hero while the former being strong enough to have defeated formidable opponents such as Superalloy Darkshine and Silver Fang, Platinum Sperm was still more than capable of fighting them on equal ground for some time.[4] Upon getting serious, he was capable of easily defeating Flashy Flash and even able to go toe-to-toe with the further evolved Garou before eventually being overcome by the latter.[5]

Physical Abilities[]

Immense Strength: As the ultimate fusion of Black Sperm, a Dragon-level threat, Platinum Sperm is incredibly powerful. Using only the tentacle on his head, he was able to seriously injure and incapacitate multiple heroes, including S-Class ones, in a single hit each.[3] Upon exerting himself to his limits, Platinum Sperm was even capable of matching an evolved Garou in strength, having traded hundreds, if not thousands of blows with the Human Monster before finally being defeated.[5]

Platinum Sperm and Garou fighting at unbelievable speeds

Immense Speed and Reflexes: Platinum Sperm possesses an astounding level of speed and reflexes and is among one of the fastest. He was capable of repelling multiple heroes around him, including S-Class ones, in the blink of an eye using his tentacle without most of them being able to properly react.[3] When Garou and Flashy Flash were talking to each other, Platinum Sperm interrupted and pummeled them so quickly that it appeared like he was merely "passing through" both of them.[6] More remarkably, he was even capable of keeping up with Flashy Flash and an evolved Garou in combat, the former of which being well-known for his extraordinary speed and among one the fastest heroes as well as individuals in existence, and all three of them were so fast that a geometric structure of light was created from the speed of their fight.[4] Upon getting more serious, Platinum Sperm was able to move at speeds even greater than Flashy Flash, utterly shocking the hero.[7] At his fastest, he was even able to react in fractions of a millisecond, exchanging hundreds, if not thousands of blows with an evolved Garou and also creating another geometric structure of light which was much denser than the one previously, all within only 1.3 milliseconds.[8]

Immense Durability: Platinum Sperm possesses incredible toughness. He was able to withstand a surprise attack from an evolved Garou to his face which launched him into the air but left no lasting damage on him.[4] Despite being knocked back by Garou's Monster Calamity God Slayer Fist when the Hero Hunter first utilized it, Platinum Sperm was able to recover quickly without any serious injuries.[5] Furthermore, he was sturdy enough to take numerous punches from Flashy Flash, a powerful S-Class hero, while sustaining no visible signs of damage.[9]

Elastic Tentacle: Platinum Sperm can extend the tentacle on his head to great lengths and use it as a whip. He is able to attack his opponents with his tentacle despite seemingly being tens of meters away from them.[3] He can also use his tentacle to restrain his opponents as he did against Flashy Flash; holding the hero still by wrapping it around his neck and attacking him simultaneously.[4]

Fighting Style[]

Platinum Sperm clashing with Flashy Flash

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Along with his immense strength and sheer speed, Platinum Sperm was also shown to be a formidable skilled fighter, enough to easily compete against Flashy Flash, a highly accomplished ninja. More remarkably, he was even capable of contending with an evolved Garou in pure hand-to-hand combat, the latter of which being arguably the most skilled martial artist in the world, trading hundreds, if not thousands of blows evenly with him before finally being defeated.[4]

  • Platinum Rings (X,X): Platinum Sperm rotates his arms and his tentacle to deflect attacks, allowing him to ward off punches from Flashy Flash.

Major Battles[]

Participants Chapter(s) Episode(s) Result
Heroes vs. Monster Association Executives 139, 143, 144, 145, 146, 147, 148, 149, 150, 151, 152, 153, 154 None Interrupted by Garou
Monster Association Executives vs. Garou 154 None Platinum Sperm and Evil Natural Water survive the fight but Fuhrer Ugly is killed
Platinum Sperm vs. Garou vs. Flashy Flash 155, 156 None Platinum Sperm defeats Flashy Flash but is killed by Garou.


  • (To Garou) "You have monsterized that much, but still do not have the courage to choose the side of the monsters. How disappointing."[10]
  • (To Flashy Flash) "Is there something wrong with your spirit? Just like Darkshine, when you're outclassed by someone in your specialty, you abandon your duties and put all your effort into protecting your own pride. That's what being a hero is all about, right?"[11]
    • "A being who truly wants to help the weak... does not exist!"[12]


  • In the original webcomic, Platinum Sperm does not exist, as Golden Sperm was the original final fusion of the Black Sperm clones.
  • In Platinum Sperm's manga debut, he was given the introduction Golden Sperm had in the webcomic.


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