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Pink Hornet  (ピンクホーネット, Pinku Hōnetto) is the B-Class Rank 25 professional hero for the Hero Association. She is also nicknamed The Shopping Street of Techniques (技の商店街, Waza no shōten gai).


Pink Hornet wears face makeup similar to a hornet's facial pattern, with a pair of glasses that bear resemblance to the patches of black around a hornets eyes. She wears her hair in a tight bun, with a single strand of hair sticking out. Her leotard also looks like a hornets body, with a typical short skirt.

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Squadron Edit

Pink Hornet was summoned by the Hero Association alongside Wild Horn, Smell Master, Trap Tengu and Saitama to capture a monster alive, for medical purposes and is assigned as the team leader. When the heroes reached the woods, Wild Horn gives orders to the other heroes to catch the monster, and Saitama is assigned to just holding the map. During the battle against Scaledon, Pink Hornet attempts to distract the monster while Wild Horn prepares to attack it. Although their plan ultimately fails and they are eaten by the monster, their lives are saved by Saitama.

Abilities & PowersEdit

As a higher ranked B-Class hero, Pink Hornet is a fairly skilled combatant, being nicknamed The Shopping Street of Techniques.


Clubs: Pink Hornet wields a pair of clubs and is skilled in using them.



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