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Pineapple (パイナップル, Painappuru) is a B-Class professional hero for the Hero Association.


Pineapple is a masked hero dressed with an armor that resembles a pineapple and wears tinted sunglasses.


Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Raid ArcEdit

After Metal Bat defeated the demon level monsters, Pineapple and Mohican arrive to the scene. Metal Bat asks them to bring the Hero Association's sponsor, Narinki and his son Waganma to hospital so that he could finally help his sister with her shopping bags. However, Elder Centipede emerges from the ground. Mohican and Pineapple inform Metal Bat about the monster, stating that it previously wiped out a town and it is marked as a dragon level monster. Mohican and Pineapple are told to grab the sponsor and the sponsor's child and run, while Metal Bat prepares to go all out.[1]

After running from Elder Centipede for a while he and Mohican run into a dead end of debris, but Metal Knight arrives in time to save draw Elder Centipede's attention away from them. Metal Knight tells the two to leave the location before going back to fight Elder Centipede. While continuing to try to leave the city, they bump into Phoenix Man, Sludge Jellyfish and Rhino Wrestler.[2] Pineapple and Mohican try to fight Rhino Wrestler, but are defeated.[3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

As a B-Class hero, it can be assumed that Pineapple is a fairly skilled combatant. However, it is unknown how he compares to the others in his class since his rank is unknown.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Speed: He managed to get good amount distance away from Elder Centipede when the latter got distracted by Metal Bat.[4]

Fighting StyleEdit

Multiple Techniques: Pineapple fights using pineapple-themed attacks.

  • Pine Grenade (パイングレネード, Paingurenēdo): The technique was unseen, but its strength was rated as being 3 point on a scale of 100 by Rhino Wrestler.
  • Concentrated Pine's Strong Acid Juice (濃縮パイン強酸ジュース, Nōshuku Pain Kyōsan Jūsu): The technique was unseen, but its strength was rated as being 1 point on the above-mentioned scale.
  • Pineapple Cannon (パイナッ砲, Painappō): The technique was unseen, but its strength was rated as being 7 points on the above-mentioned scale.
  • Pinap-punch: A punch used by Pineapple which was rated 6 by Rhino Wrestler.

Major BattlesEdit

Participants Chapter(s) Episode(s) Result
Pineapple and Mohican vs. Rhino Wrestler 59 17 Pineapple is defeated


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