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Piko (ピコー, Pikō) is the B-Class Rank 65 Hero of the Hero Association and part of the Blizzard Group.


Piko is a man with short black hair and wears round glasses. His attire consist of a black business suit with a white shirt and black tie.


Piko used to be a pro gamer.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit



Piko was chosen by Fubuki to fight Saitama and his friends in a video game contest. He managed to defeat Bang, Genos and Saitama. However even with his skills, he was still no match for King.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

As a B-Class hero, it can be assumed that Piko is a fairly skilled combatant.

Miscellaneous AbilitiesEdit

Expert Gamer: As a former pro gamer, he is an expert at video games. Compared to King, however, he is still no match.[2]


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