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Gimme your change! Coins! Put in coins!
— Piggy Bancon

Piggy Bancon (豚の貯金バコン, Buta No Chokin Bakon; Viz: Piggie Bank) was a Mysterious Being that appeared 13 years prior to the series. He was less a danger than a public nuisance, menacing the populace of Z-City for coins and fleeing from police. He was killed by Earth's Military and Police forces.[2]


Piggy Bancon resembled a gigantic, grinning piggy bank (replete with coin slot) with a ribbon around his neck and naked, hairy limbs protruding from cracked holes on his torso. Although he was capable of standing on his hind legs, he appears to have achieved top speed by running on all fours.[2]


Despite his disturbing appearance, Piggy Bancon seemed solely obsessed with having coins inserted into himself, either by forcing his victims to do so, or tackling them to knock loose any spare change. Once satisfied, he fleed immediately and was more concerned with evading pursuit than inflicting violence.


Piggy Bancon fleeing police

Piggy Bancon appears in Z-City during the afternoon of a 12-year-old Saitama's second day in middle school, whereupon he injures several police officers and flees; video footage of his escape is broadcast on television, marking the first appearance of a Mysterious Being in ten months.

The next day, Saitama is beaten and extorted by bullies for a paltry 200 yen, who are in turn ambushed by Piggy Bancon and forced to insert the money into him. Frustrated at his own inadequacy, Saitama recklessly pursues the monster, only to be rammed and knocked unconscious.

Shortly after, Piggy Bancon is surrounded and defeated by police and military forces, although Saitama never recovers his stolen money.[2]

Abilities and Powers[]

Piggy Bancon was a Wolf-level threat. To normal humans, it was a terrifying creature, but hardly remarkable compared to other Mysterious Beings in the series.

Physical Abilities[]

Enhanced Strength: Piggy Bancon was strong enough to knock Saitama into a wall and leave a sizeable crater.

Enhanced Speed: Given his propensity for flight, Piggy Bancon could use his superior speed to escape pursuit or ram into victims with considerable force; enough to outrun most humans, and perforate a solid wall.[2]


  • Piggy Bancon first appeared at approximately 4 pm.[2]

    A similar-looking piggy bank next to Saitama's TV

  • Saitama possesses a similar looking piggy bank next to his TV.[3]


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