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— Gums after eating.

Pig God vs. Gums is the fight between the S-Class hero Pig God and the Monster Association executive Gums.


Pig God devours some monsters. Gums sneaks up behind him with his mouth open.


Gums overpowers Pig God.

Gums swallows Pig God whole. The monster drools in satisfaction but suddenly feels Pig God lurching in his stomach, struggling to get out. Pig God shoots his feet out of Gums' mouth and forces the monster to spit him out. The hero rushes the monster and the two clash heads.

After the clash, Gums is victorious, and Pig God is forced to the ground. Gums then grabs his body and attempts to bite down on him, but his many layers of fat prevent the monster from killing him. Pig God struggles to escape the bite of Gums but fails.

Gums shatters Tatsumaki's psychic barrier.

The battle is briefly interrupted by Tatsumaki as she protects Pig God with a psychic barrier, preventing the monster from chewing him. However, after exerting itself, Gums manages to shatter the esper's psychic barrier, pushing Pig God come out of it and the two of them continue their clash. At some point during the fight, Pig God somehow manages to escape from Gums after Tatsumaki began lifting the entire Monster Association Headquarters out of the ground.



  • This battle is nearly identical to its webcomic version.
  • Before Chapter 130 was redrawn, the scene with Gums shattering Tatsumaki's barrier doesn't exist.


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