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Pig God became famous for eating 100 food portions a day.


Hero Association SagaEdit

Sea Monster ArcEdit

According to urban legend, Pig God once fought 50 Seafolk remnants and wiped them out without leaving a single bone fragment.[1]

Alien Conquerors ArcEdit

Pig God is first shown at the S-Class Hero Association meeting eating hamburgers.[2]

Human Monster SagaEdit

Super Fight ArcEdit

Pig God kills Eyesight

Pig God eating Eyesight

After Eyesight managed to find Child Emperor, Pig God arrives through a building to aid him. Eyesight managed to bite him several times with her venomous snakes, but it had no effect on him and he eats the monster. Pig God decides to go after the other monsters in Y-City afterward.[3]

Monster Association ArcEdit

The S-class heroes Pig God, Tatsumaki, Child Emperor, Flashy Flash, Kamikaze, Superalloy Darkshine, Zombieman, Puri-Puri Prisoner and Sekingar attend a meeting and they reassure Narinki that they will rescue his son.[4] The heroes receive a transmitter that will show their location to each other. The meeting continues as they plan out their attack on the Monster Association. During the meeting, Pig God stays mostly out of the discussion choosing to eat and drink. He expresses hope for Drive Knight's safety. He orders 20 more pizzas and Superalloy Darkshine chides him and offers to share his protein shake. Pig God leaves with various other heroes to attack the Monster Association.[5]

Pig God arrives with various other heroes at the ghost town within Z-City.[6] He kills some various monsters from the initial monster attack. He gets caught in the doorway to the Monster Association base, until Atomic Samurai destroyed the doorway.

Atomic Samurai's disciples witness Great Food Tub being swallowed alive by Pig God.[7]

Soon after, he battles Gums, and gets heavily injured in the fight.

Original WebcomicEdit

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Luckily, Tatsumaki interrupts the fight by flipping the Monster Association base upside-down.

While Sweet Mask held Black Sperm off, Child Emperor made a plan to deal with Evil Natural Water whereby the other heroes, including Pig God, distract it while King finish it off.

Eventually, Garou enters the fray and decimates all the heroes including Pig God. In particular, Garou mocks Pig God for his fat body.

During the fight, he states that there is an inner power in him that he says he should use as a last resort. This might be because he can only use it once. He is defeated later in the fight.

Neo Heroes SagaEdit

Psychic Sisters ArcEdit

Pig God attacks shrunken Evil Natural Water

Worried about Evil Natural Water, Pig God escapes from the hospital in order to find it. The hero Air was sent to take him back to the hospital but he expresses disdain as he heard that the S-Class was beaten by the Hero Hunter. Air encounters Evil Natural Water and tries to fight it but is nearly killed by the monster. Pig God swallows the monster and digests it.


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