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The Phoenix Space (フェニックス空間, Fenikkusu kūkan) is a spiritual space where those wearing costumes can visit. If one's willpower is strong enough, they can force themselves out of it, as shown by Child Emperor. Additionally, Saitama has been shown to be able to break into the Phoenix Space through uncertain means.[1]


The Phoenix Space is a calm and relaxed open plain with multiple statues of characters from the kid's TV show "Animal Kingdom" scattered throughout it, as the space itself is a reflection of Phoenix Man's psyche.


Human Monster Saga[]

Monster Association Arc[]

Phoenix Man and Child Emperor inside the Phoenix Space

During his fight with Child Emperor, Phoenix Man transports himself and Child Emperor to the Phoenix Space to try and recruit the hero into becoming his ally. To Phoenix Man's disbelief, Child Emperor refuses and manages to escape with his own sheer willpower.

While continuing their battle, Phoenix Man teleports himself and Child Emperor once again into the Phoenix Space, where he continues to try to persuade the child hero into becoming his ally, but is interrupted by Saitama, who found a way to break into the spiritual space by "knocking it". After Saitama intimidates Phoenix Man, the three of them get out of the Phoenix Space.


  1. One-Punch Man Manga; Chapter 102

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