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Personification Of A Light Pull Cord (電気のヒモの化身, Denki no Himo no Keshin; Viz: Incarnation Of Electric Light String) was a Mysterious Being which was formed when a person shadow boxed with the ceiling light pull cord of his room so much that he transformed.[2]


Personification Of A Light Pull Cord has the appearance of a very large, muscular, bald man with weal-like markings on his head, a well defined jawline and does not appear to have any ears. He wears dark sunglasses, red boxing gloves and boots. He also wears a green and gold championship belt with the word 'Himo' on it, which is a Japanese word for cord, along with the picture of a pull cord and blue shorts.[3]


Personification Of A Light Pull Cord has a very loud and arrogant personality. He claims to be a Mysterious Being with a disaster level of 'God'. He is also very sadistic, stating that simply punching cars and buildings was not enough to satisfy him and that he needed to punch a human being.


Saitama punches Personification of a Light Pull Chord

Personification Of A Light Pull Cord Defeated

Looking for an opponent to satisfy him, he wreaked havoc on the streets, punching cars and buildings. It was until Saitama (who is still hurting from his training) fearlessly challenged him but is easily knocked out with a punch, losing a bad tooth. The pain was apparently from a cavity, and without the pain he is back to normal and proceeds to defeat him with a single punch.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Pull Cord appeared to be a gifted pugilist who could easily smash through rock and metal. However, he was only a Tiger level threat, and he was defeated in a single punch by Saitama.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Pull Cord Rush

"Pull Cord Rush"

Enhanced Strength: Personification Of A Light Pull Cord has been shown to possess impressive physical strength. He was able to destroy a car with a flurry of destructive punches. Along with this, he was able to mildly injure Saitama during his mid training state.

Fighting StyleEdit

Boxing: His style of boxing consists of using his raw strength and speed to unleash a large number of destructive punches.

  • Pull Cord Rush (ヒモラッシュ, Himo Rasshu; Viz: String Rush): He attacks his opponent with a very powerful punch from his left hand.


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