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The Paradise Group (桃源団, Tōgendan; Viz: Paradisers) was a terrorist group led by the B-Class criminal Hammerhead. They strived to create a communist utopia in which work is voluntary, and the unemployed receive full financial support.

The Paradise Group used stolen battle suits created by The Organization to wield superhuman strength, inciting riots, causing chaos, and clashing with several Heroes in F-City to further their demands. Besides Hammerhead, they were all killed by Speed-o'-Sound Sonic.[1]


Members of the Paradise Group, televised

Members of the Paradise Group were bald, which caused many citizens to mistake any bald individuals (such as Saitama) for terrorists.

Every member was outfitted with black full-body battle suits, which protect their bodies and enhance their strength to superhuman levels.


Introduction Saga[]

Paradise Group Arc[]

The Paradisers being decapitated by Sonic

After several futile appeals for revolution towards passerby in F-City, Hammerhead leads his Paradise Group, outfitted in stolen high-tech battle suits, on a mission to demolish the mansion of Zeniru, which he views as a symbol of social inequality.[2] They easily defeat the riot police and Mumen Rider, but are intercepted by Zeniru's bodyguard, Speed-o'-Sound Sonic, in the woods around Zeniru's mansion.[3]

The Paradise Group attacks Sonic but is massacred by his unmatched agility. Only Hammerhead survives the encounter, and he escapes only to encounter Saitama, incensed at being typecast as a member of the Paradise Group. Saitama destroys Hammerhead's battle suit, leaving him to flee, naked, while renouncing the Paradise Group's cause.[4]

Hero Association Saga[]

Rumored Monster Arc[]

Sometime later, the leader of the group, Hammerhead, is shown in a suit applying for a job.[5]


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