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One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows (ワンパンマン ヒーローノーバディノウズ) is the first official One-Punch Man video game announced for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, the game was announced on 26th June 2019.


One-Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows is a 3D arena fighting game, in which players do battle using tag-teams of three characters at a time.


Just like in the anime and manga, Saitama can instantly KO any opponent with just one punch, and is invulnerable to any attack. As this would make for a one-sided fighting game, matches with Saitama employ a special mechanic. 

If Saitama is selected for a player's team, he will not immediately be playable. Instead, a timer will appear at the side of the screen, showing Saitama running to the scene of the fight. If the player can keep their remaining two fighters alive until the timer runs out, Saitama will appear and can be used to win the battle. (Unless the opponent also has Saitama on their team, in which case the two can only punch each other ineffectively until the match timer runs out) Performing combos and perfect counters will shorten the timer.

Alternatively, players can also select Dream Saitama, a pajama-clad version of Saitama based on the dream he has at the beginning of the anime. In this form, Saitama has all of his usual attacks, but takes damage normally and cannot KO opponents with one hit, allowing him to be used in more fair battles.

Custom Hero[]

The game features the option for the player to create a Custom Hero of their own. Their face, physique, costume, and voice can be customized, along with their fighting style. The Custom Hero is central to the game's Story Mode, and can also be played as in normal gameplay.

Story Mode[]

The game's Story Mode stars the player's Custom Hero. The story begins with a flashback, wherein a humanoid green monster beats up the Custom Hero. However, they are saved by a passing Saitama, who defeats the monster in one punch. This inspires the Custom Hero to become stronger.

From here, the plot follows the first season of the One-Punch Man anime, including the battles against the House of Evolution, the Paradisers, the Seafolk, and the Dark Matter Thieves. The Custom Hero crosses paths with Saitama and Genos as they venture through the plot, mostly acting as a silent audience surrogate to experience the story alongside the main cast. The Custom Hero also moves around an open world environment, accepting missions to battle random monsters and rise up in the hero rankings.

After Saitama defeats Boros, the Custom Hero can challenge Saitama to spar. The Custom Hero inevitably loses, and the two go out for udon noodles afterwards.


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