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Hello! Welcome to the One-Punch Man Wiki Reference Team! The Reference Team deals with adding and maintaining references.

Guidelines[edit source]

Main article: Reference guide
  • Cover page counted as page number one.
  • Double spreads counted as 2 pages.
  • Ideally use Tonari as the source.

Responsibilities[edit source]

  • Referencing the pages.
  • Making sure the references are correct.
  • Keeping an eye out for confirmations made on forums/talk pages to be referenced on the page itself.
  • Keeping an eye on the updating of the new chapters and episodes to reference them if they were not done by the updater.
  • Articles in need of citations

Jobs[edit source]

Members[edit source]

Reference Team Members
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Former[edit source]

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Sign Up[edit source]

If you want to join the team, then notify an admin or the team's leader (Vibhavm).

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