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A reference, or citation, is a line of text that uniquely identifies a source. All information on this wiki should be properly referenced. To add a reference, use the template {{ref}} in the source code editor, and follow the guidelines outlined on this page.

Referencing the manga and/or the animeEdit

Copy the code below and add numbers (ch = manga chapter, p = page number, ep = anime episode):

{{ref|ch = |p = |ep = }}
  • Referencing a manga chapter only
Example: {{ref|ch = 1}} [1]
  • Referencing a manga chapter with a page number. You can also reference multiple pages.
Example: {{ref|ch = 72|p = 66}} [2] or {{ref|ch = 73|p = 1-18}} [3]
  • Referencing an anime episode
Example: {{ref|ep = 20}} [4]
  • Referencing a manga chapter and an anime episode
Example: {{ref|ch = 72|p = 66|ep = 20}} [5]

Numbering guidelinesEdit

When numbering manga pages, use the online chapters at Tonari.

  • The title page counts as one page.
    • Chapters with multiple parts may have multiple title pages (e.g., Chapter 21); each title page counts as one page.
  • Double-page spreads count as two pages.

Referencing the webcomicEdit

The manga should be used as the primary reference source. However, for webcomic information not shown in the manga, use the following code (wch = webcomic chapter, wp = page number). DO NOT mix the ch and wch parameters:

{{ref|wch = |wp = }}
  • Referencing a webcomic chapter
Example: {{ref|wch = 1}} [6]
  • Referencing a webcomic chapter and page number. You can also reference multiple pages.
Example:{{ref|wch = 1|wp = 1}} [7] or {{ref|wch = 1|wp = 1-8}} [8]

Numbering guidelinesEdit

  • Webcomic chapters do not have title pages. Begin count from the first page of illustrations.

Referencing other sourcesEdit

To write a custom citation, simply use the blank {{ref}} template:

{{ref| }}
  • Writing a custom reference
Example: {{ref|''One-Punch Man'' Encyclopedia; [[One-Punch Man: Hero Perfection]]}} [9]
  • Appending information to a reference
Example: {{ref|ch = 1|p = 1|and additional information}} [10]
  • Referencing an Omake
Example: {{ref|''One-Punch Man'' Omake; [[Taste]]}} [11]
  • Referencing an OVA
Example: {{ref|''One-Punch Man'' OVA; [[OVA 1|"A Shadow That Snuck Up Too Close"]]}} [12]
  • To reference an interview or a stream, refer to the exact section of the page.
Example: {{ref|''One-Punch Man'' Stream; [[Interviews/Stream_Q/A_4#23.2F6.2F2018|23/6/2018]]}} [13]
  • When referencing an external source, such as a Tweet, use a hyperlink. Link text can be the plain URL or a title descriptive of the reference source. Proper citation formatting is not necessary.
Example: {{ref|}} [14] or {{ref|[ Murata Tweet about the chapter release]}} [15]

Using a reference multiple times on the same pageEdit

To use a reference multiple times on the same page, assign a name to the name parameter (a name cannot consist of only numbers and cannot have spaces). Choose a name descriptive of the claim for easier future identification of the reference. This name can now be used anywhere on the page.

  • Example: Saitama kills Vaccine Man.{{ref|ch = 1|name = SaitamaKillsVM}}: Saitama kills Vaccine Man.[16]
    Now use the name somewhere else on the page: {{ref|name = SaitamaKillsVM}} [16]
    And again[16] and again.[16]

Formatting and styleEdit

Adding the list of referencesEdit

The footnote list should always be present at the bottom of an article when a reference exists on the page:

<references />

For pages with a large number of references, use a scroll box.

{{Scroll Box|content=<references />}}

Other notesEdit

  • If you see an article with insufficient references, add the code [[Template:Ref needed]] to add it to this category.
  • If you see a sentence or claim that needs a reference, add the {{fact}} template where the reference would go. The superscripted text links to this page, so it appears only as bolded text in the example below.
Example: This sentence is in need of a reference.{{fact}}
Output: This sentence is in need of a reference.[citation needed]
  • References should be added at the end of a sentence, after the closing punctuation.
Example: This is an example sentence.[17]
  • If individual parts of a list need sources, use references after every list item.
Example: This is a claim,[18] a second claim,[19] and a third claim.[20]


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