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An extra chapter included with Volume 8.



An alert of a Giant Bird sighting is issued, a girl in King's building hugs her dad frightened, to which he shuts off the lights and closes the curtains claiming that birds are attracted to shiny things. Eventually showing that the Giant Bird's real target was Saitama's "shiny" head. While passerbies see it and notice that the bird has gone to King's apartment, thinking it has fallen in his trap.


Inside the prisoner transport for low level monsters, the monsters are talking about how they were captured (just mentions, no cameo). A shark monster by the B-Class hero Mushroom, a four armed monster by The Blizzard Group, an oni by the A-Class hero Lightning Max, and a cyclops umbrella monster by some unnamed C-Class hero. Until some shady monster is asked, who appears to be Tongue Stretcher, who claims to have been caught by King and even lying, claiming to have actually fought and hit King, and even get hit by him.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Giant Bird (cover)
  2. Saitama (cover)
  3. King (cover)
  4. Tongue Stretcher


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