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Okame-chan is a device created by Child Emperor that can determine and quantify the strength of an individual's body.


Okame-chan is a mask-shaped device capable of determining the physical strength of an individual. According to Child Emperor, the device works by scanning an individual's muscle mass and nerve development and balancing them out with the individual's weight.[2] To use the device, Child Emperor calibrates it by scanning a relatively weak hero and uses this number to scale the strengths of other individuals. The device is capable of determining the strength of animals[3], humans[2], and monsters.[4] The device is not capable of measuring the strength of mechanical bodies, such as cyborgs.[5] It also has a limited measuring range and cannot quantify the strength of individuals who are significantly weak[3] or individuals whose strength exceeds "9999,"[6] and does not specify on which outlier the individual lies. Child Emperor states that the numbers provided by the device are not an accurate representation of battle effectiveness, as the device does not take into consideration supernatural abilities such as psychokinesis.[7]

Power LevelsEdit

This is a list of the power levels determined by Okame-chan, using Red Muffler as a benchmark.

Name Power Level
Great Philosopher2442
Child Emperor1880
Darkness Blade759
Red Muffler100
Jumping Spider6999 (Lower body) / 402 (Upper body)
A Bear905
Hero Association Staff Member22
*Not within the measuring range of Okame-chan (exceeds 9999).[6]
**Not within the measuring range of Okame-chan (too low to be a hero).[3]
Cyborgs and robots cannot be properly scanned.[5]
The device does not take supernatural powers into consideration.[7] For example: Psychokinesis


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