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Octopus Claw Man (タコヅメ男, Takozume Otoko) was a Mysterious Being that attacked King. He was killed by Saitama.[1]


Octopus Claw Man has an appearance which is out of the norm. His body is fully pink, and his head is a large sphere. His eyes are pupil-less and his facial features in general are quite small in comparison to his body. However, his most striking feature is his own razor sharp claws.


Besides the fact that he may be quite savage, due to giving King his scar, not much is known about him.


Hero Association Saga

King Arc

In a flashback, Octopus Claw Man is seen giving King his scar. Octopus Man was then defeated by Saitama [2].

Abilities and Powers

Claws: Octopus Claw Man has razor sharp claws.


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