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"A Shadow That Snuck Up Too Close" (忍び寄りすぎる影, Shinobiyori-sugiru Kage) is the first OVA of the One-Punch Man anime series.


Genos spying on Saitama

A story about the time between Mosquito Girl's defeat and Genos showing up in Saitama's Apartment. The story begins at night with Saitama watching a video about aliens and stalkers, and he is convinced someone is stalking him, which afterwards is shown to be because of Genos, who is trying to find out the secret to Saitama's power. Later on, Saitama is going out to eat, and Genos follows him, seeing as how expensive all the food is in the restaurant he has entered, Saitama orders the cheapest thing on the menu, a small plate of fries, which Genos is convinced is the secret to Saitama's strength, Saitama then gets up and goes to the bathroom. After returning from the bathroom, Saitama is shocked to find out someone stole one of his fries, a long french fry, the only one he liked, which was stolen by Genos for analysis. Later on, Saitama has gone back to his building and is waiting outside to find his stalker, however Genos is watching him from afar and another direction, Genos then hears that the results of the fries analysis have come and he goes to check them out.

Saitama meeting Men's Esthetician Man

A short time after, there is shown an assault, by the B-Class criminal Men's Esthetician Man, who then encounters Saitama, and recalls him as someone who has beaten him before, Saitama on the other hand, does not remember Men's Esthetician Man, however Saitama is convinced that Men's Estethician Man is his stalker who stole his french fry. Around the same time, Genos is seen at the lab, checking the results of the french fry analysis, which appears to be a normal french fry, he then hypothesizes that Saitama may be a Cyborg like him. Moving back to Saitama, we seen a hole in the wall in the shape of Men's Esthetician Man and Saitama telling him to just approach him next time rather than steal his food, Saitama is later seen going back home and complaining on not getting any recognition. On the final scene, we see Genos right before Saitama's apartment, which leads us back to the original story line.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Saitama
  2. Genos
  3. Men's Esthetician Man (Debut)


Season 1 Episodes 123456789101112
Season 2 Episodes 123456789101112