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"Road to Hero" (ロード・トゥ・ヒーロー, Rōdo to~u Hīrō) is an OVA of the One-Punch Man anime series.


Saitama at the very beginning of his hero career

A story about Saitama when he still had hair and his costume was a tracksuit. Saitama continues his routine of defeating numerous villains in the abandoned area in Z-City, but also has problems with rent money. Saitama speaks with a shop owner who is being forced by a local gang to surrender his store's deed. Several other shops have gone out of business and his store is the last one; a conversation between the gang boss and one of his stooges reveal that the boss has had an impulse to buy out all the stores in the area to destroy them. Saitama gives counsel to the clothes-shop owner to not give up, and he points him the direction of the gang's base which turn out to be his apartment complex. He goes door to door meeting various criminals who work under the boss, but has no real interest until he hears them each mention a reward that's on their heads and soundly beats them. The boss is the only one left, after Saitama's tells about no need for overcharging, the boss loses it and transforms into the Fish of Darkness.

Saitama finishing his story to Genos

Saitama and the boss have a brief fight, until the boss mentions the reward on his head. Saitama returns to the landlady saying he's called the police and the reward should pay for his rent, but the Landlady is revealed to be crooked, stating those tenants were her main source of revenue. She then throws Saitama out into the street with his belongings in boxes. Saitama later returns to the shop owner to explain what happened, the shop owner then states that he was getting too old and has decided to close the shop anyway but not after finishing a masterpiece that he made for Saitama, which turns out to be Saitama's hero outfit. Now in the present after hearing his story, Genos impulsively thinks Saitama should get a better suit, but Saitama asks him if he was really listening when he explained his suit was also a memento.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Saitama
  2. Draper (Debut)
  3. Landlady (Debut)
  4. Fish of Darkness (Debut)
  5. Genos

OVA Notes[]

  • This OVA was bundled with the tenth volume of the manga. Since it was released on a DVD, it's also referred to as an OAD (Original Animation DVD).


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Season 2 Episodes 123456789101112