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ONEBUKURO 1 is the first One-Punch Man collaboration book with Yusuke Murata and ONE, providing some behind-the-scenes details on the drawing process of the One-Punch Man manga series. This is the first of three ONE-BUKURO books (see ONEBUKURO 2 and ONEBUKURO 3).


"Hi everyone, this is Yusuke Murata. Regarding the specific advantages of serializing One-Punch Man on the web, I consider 'being able to make any revisions afterward' one of them. With print serialization, the editor is always chasing after me, and I have to pull an all-nighter (sometimes several) in order to catch up. I'll end up submitting a large pile of manuscripts, and when I see the finished product in the magazine later, the feeling is always 'it's not quite right here' or 'I should have that there.' I would have regrets every week, and it feels like part of the job. That's not a situation I enjoy very much. One-Punch Man is a top priority of mine during its serialization. Once the manuscript has been submitted, any revisions I make is simply a way for me to decrease the amount of regret I have as a stubborn person. Still, the day will eventually come when my abilities deteriorate to the point that I can no longer surpass my previous work. To elaborate upon this, the day will come when my work will no longer be deemed adequate. Looking back at my previous works, taking into account the different conditions, I still don't know if there's anything that shows I'm giving my all. Am I incapable of accepting the fact that I have dedicated my life to drawing manga, or am I just feeling lonely? It's something I have continued to ponder to this day when I'm making my revisions. Um, I really am stubborn... The one thing I would like to say is, the repeated revisions are necessary in order to achieve the clear vision and correct interpretation of the plot. ONE sensei has given me many specific hints through story and characters, and the mountain of scrapped manuscripts is a testament to his extraordinary ability. I would like to express my sincere thanks to ONE sensei for this amazing working relationship, and to the readers for being ever so forgiving."
— Yusuke Murata,
December 2013


Marugori Concept 2

An early version of Marugori

  • Murata scrapped several versions of Saitama's introduction scene.
    • In an early version, Saitama's outfit consisted of World War II German army pants and boots.
    • Murata went through several more revisions, modifying Saitama's outfit and facial expressions to closely match the webcomic.
  • Murata changed Fukegao's reaction to Marugori destroying a town with one blow, feeling that the original "shocked to the point of near collapse" expression didn't match the scaled-up attack.
  • Murata says Marugori's first design felt "too exposed." For a second draft, he drew inspiration from the creature designs of H.R. Giger, which were used in the movie Prometheus, and adopted the shading technique of Akira Toriyama.
  • Murata's says his first designs of the Subterraneans looked comical and weak. He attributes this to his habit of drawing characters like mascots, which he developed during his time as the artist of Eyeshield 21. He also says that no matter how cute a monster's design is, there is a sense of terror associated with it, so he had to be mindful of that when redesigning.
  • Murata paid a lot of attention to Saitama's expressions during his fight with the Subterraneans.
Murata Genos scrapped genos arms

Murata was very meticulous about finding the right perspectives.

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