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The Ninja Village Leader is the founder of the secret Ninja Village.[1] The founder's real name is unknown; the ninjas from the village simply refer to him using pronouns.[2]


Little is known about the Ninja Village Leader's personality, but it is safe to assume that he is a ruthless and rather despicable individual, since he is the founder of the Ninja Village and starter of atrocious regiments children are put through. He also did not seem to care about the ninjas who banded together for him, as he merely observed Flashy Flash and Speed-o'-Sound Sonic kill all of the members of the Heavenly Ninja Party from a rooftop. He is also very arrogant, as he challenged the top S-Class hero Blast to a fight and was defeated by the hero, being put in a coma for 15 years.[1]


The Ninja Village Leader was regarded as the most powerful ninja to walk the Earth.[1] Sometime in the past, he founded the Ninja Village.[1] The village trained ninja assassins and sent them to factories of the underworld.[3]

Sometime later, the Ninja Village Leader challenged Blast, but he was defeated and put in a coma. The village placed him in a recovery capsule where he lay dormant for 15 years.[1]


Unnamed SagaEdit

Ninjas ArcEdit

Ninja leader top of building

After Sonic is once again defeated by Saitama and is recovering, he is approached by the Heavenly Ninja Party. This party consists of ninjas from previous graduating classes of the village, including Gale Wind and Hellfire Flame. They tell Sonic that "he" is almost awake, and reveal to Sonic their plans to kill Flashy Flash and Blast, make the leader of the Ninja Village their leader, and come out of the shadows to take over the world with their superior ninjutsu skills.[2]

After Sonic and Flash kill the entire Heavenly Ninja Party, he is revealed to have been observing the battle go down from a nearby rooftop.

Abilities and PowersEdit

While his fighting abilities have not been shown, it is safe to assume that the Ninja Village Leader is an extremely powerful opponent. He is regarded as the most powerful ninja to ever walk the Earth by all the ninjas who graduated from the village, indicating that he possesses S-Class level abilities. Despite his amazing power, he was still not strong enough to defeat Blast, the highest-ranking S-Class hero, and was put in a coma by him for 15 years.[2]

Ninja Village Stalker

The Leader with his swords

Fighting StyleEdit

Ninjutsu Master: Being considered the strongest ninja to have ever lived, he is highly skilled in Ninjutsu.


Swords: The Ninja Village Leader carries two swords.


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