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The Ninja Village Instructors were the group of drill instructors of the Ninja Village responsible for grooming children of the facility into emotionless killing machines and assassins. They were all killed by Flashy Flash.[1]

Appearance Edit

The Instructor in charge of swordsmanship was a muscular ninja with multiple scars on his body. The one in charge of teaching ninjutsu had spiky long hair. And the one in charge of organizing classes had a Mohawk.

Personality Edit

The drill instructors were merciless and brutal men whose job was to whip the imprisoned children in perfect killers with no form of emotions. They detest any form weaknesses even the slightest as one scolds Flash for shedding tears in pain as they would block his vision.

History Edit

The drill instructors were ninjas in charge of training and turning children into assassins with zero emotions to be sold into the underworlds and various criminal organizations.

They were all killed during Flashy Flash's rampage to destroy the corrupt administration of the Ninja Village.


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