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Nichirin (ニチリン, Nichirin) was a swordmaster and a member of the Council of Swordmasters. He was killed by Fuhrer Ugly.[1]


Nichirin opened eyes

Nichirin was an elderly man with his face covered in wrinkles. He had short white hair and his eyes appeared to have been cut and pure white. His attire consisted of a black kimono and a white haori.


Nichirin was a very stern individual, yet caring and confident, offering Kamikaze help when requested. In the battle against Fuhrer Ugly, he willingly sacrificed himself to save Spring Mustachio from the foe's acidic attack.


At some point in the past, he trained Spring Mustachio, who became one of his best disciples.


Human Monster Saga[]

Super Fight Arc[]

Nichirin attends a meeting of the Council of Swordmasters. At the meeting Kamikaze asks the council members for help in catching and killing Garou in worries that Bang might fail and die. The council members agree, except Haragiri who mocks Atomic Samurai's plea. Haragiri proceeds to show them the Monster Cells and reveals he had received them from the Monster Association and transforms into a Mysterious Being himself. Nichirin threatens Haragiri, telling him that if he does not stop his nonsense Nichirin will have to get serious, but Haragiri arrogantly continues to ramble, ordering the other to eat the cells or else he will kill them, but Kamikaze cuts him first, killing him.[2]

Monster Association Arc[]

Nichirin and Atomic Samurai being attacked by Fuhrer Ugly

Nichirin along with Amahare, Zanbai and Spring Mustachio come to aid Atomic Samurai in his fight against Black Sperm. While he is defending against countless copies of Black Sperm alongside his comrades, Fuhrer Ugly arrives in his mutated form with Gums' stomach acid covering the former's entire body. Nichirin then witnesses the monster brutally kill Zanbai by spitting an acid onto his head. He and Atomic Samurai attempt to kill Fuhrer Ugly using their respective techniques, Iai Rahu-Ashura Slash and Atomic Slash, but they are unable to harm the monster and their swords are melted due to the digestive fluids covering its body, protecting it from incoming attacks. As Fuhrer Ugly quickly retaliates against them by throwing his Full Body Melting Punch at both Nichirin and Atomic Samurai, Spring Mustachio and Iaian rush to their masters defenses and Amahare sacrifices himself by rushing towards and kicking both Atomic Samurai and Iaian out of the way of the attack while Nichirin shoves his student away. As a result, Amahare is instantly killed by the acidic punch from Fuhrer Ugly, and Nichirin is mortally wounded, being dissolved from the waist down.

As he lies dying, Nichirin activates his mythical pearl to pull out the legendary sword Sun Blade and then gives it to Atomic Samurai, entrusting him with the Council of the Swordsmaster and the quest to find the Moon Blade. He then makes his last words to Spring Mustachio to follow his own path and passes away, much to the sadness of his student.

Abilities and Powers[]

Being a member of the Council of Swordmasters, Nichirin was a very powerful swordmaster. During the Monster Association Raid, Nichirin was capable of easily slicing through multiple clones of Black Sperm and demonstrated the ability to slice an extremely large block of concrete in half.[3] Atomic Samurai was also confident enough in Nichirin's strength to ask him to assist the hero in pursuing and facing Garou rather than relying on the Hero Association.[4]

Physical Abilities[]

Nichirin slicing a massive block in half

Immense Strength: Despite his old age, Nichirin was incredibly strong. He was capable of slicing a massive block of concrete in half using his sword.[5]

Immense Speed and Reflexes: Nichirin was extremely fast, capable of drawing his sword and slashing at incredible speed that far surpasses normal humans reaction. He was the only one besides Atomic Samurai who was not afraid to face Haragiri after his transformation into a Mysterious Being, despite knowing that the latter's drawing speed exceeded the speed of sound.[6] He was also capable of slicing multiple Black Sperm clones before they could even react, and could apparently fight at roughly the same speed as Atomic Samurai.

Enhanced Endurance: Despite his old age, Nichirin's endurance was impressive. Even after having the lower half of his body melted, he was still able to remain conscious and have a brief talk with Atomic Samurai and Spring Mustachio while suffering great pain from the blood loss, albeit only moments before finally passing away.[7]

Fighting Style[]

Nichirin performs many slashes with Iai Rahu-Ashura Slash

Master Swordsman: As a member of the Council of Swordmasters, Nichirin was a highly skilled swordsman. He was able to hold his own against countless copies of Black Sperm and skillfully slice multiple clones of the monster using his sword.

  • Iai Rahu-Ashura Slash (居合羅喉阿修羅斬, Iai Rago Ashura Zan; Viz: Slice and Sheathe Rago-Ashura Slash): Nichirin performed many quick sword slashes in an attempt to slice the opponent to pieces. The technique bore a resemblance to Atomic Samurai's Atomic Slash.[8]

Miscellaneous Abilities[]

Master Teacher: As a master swordsman, Nichirin was shown to be very skilled at instructing and raising disciples in the art of the sword. He personally taught and trained Spring Mustachio, an A-class hero, in swordsmanship.


Nichirin activates the Mythical Pearl Necklace to pull out the Sun Blade stored in it

Mythical Pearl Necklace: Nichirin has a mythical pearl necklace that could generate pocket dimension in which he used to store the Sun Blade. The pearl was activated by crossing two fingers together.[9]

Katana: Nichirin carried a cane katana on his person. The sword was melted off after coming into contact with Gums' digestive goo.[10]


  • Nichirin (ニチリン, Nichirin) literally means the Sun.
  • Nichirin's face appears to be modeled after either Tsutomu Yamazaki, a Japanese actor well known for his role as a samurai in the period drama series Hissatsu Shiokinin (1973), or Takeshi Kitano, a Japanese comedian and movie director well known for his role as a blind swordman Zatoichi in the movie Zatoichi (2003).


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