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The Neo Heroes Uprising Arc is the twentieth arc of the One-Punch Man series, and the fifth arc of the Neo Heroes Saga.


In the Hero Association headquarters, three heroes are considering joining the Neo Heroes after being scouted. They discuss the benefits of the Neo Heroes compared to the benefits of the Hero Association, and come to the conclusion that the Neo Heroes would be much better for them personally. Rover and Black Sperm are present, and Black Sperm thinks about the current situation, that two rival Hero associations are combatting instead of focusing on working together to fight monsters. He remarks that the current situation will be beneficial for the two monsters, with the effectiveness of heroes slowly declining. Saitama approaches the three heroes and is asked if he has been scouted by the Neo Heroes. Suddenly, a group of heroes discontent with their hero names approaches Saitama and asks to have him as a leader because of his unfortunate hero name. Black Sperm continues to ponder, using the newly arrived group as proof that the Hero system is close to failing.

Suiko arrives at the Hero Association headquarters and is welcomed in. While being led to the training grounds, she is told that her brother, Suiryu, won the Super Fight tournament and that the Hero Association wants him as a hero as well. Suiko says that that isn't necessary, and that she is stronger than Suiryu. In the training grounds, Suiko demonstrates her strength by easily destroying a training robot. She is disappointed that this feat landed her in A-Class and not S-Class.

At the Neo Heroes headquarters, Suiryu is being escorted by McCoy. He seems to not take what McCoy is saying very seriously about what he should do as a hero, instead he simply understands that he needs to defeat monsters and he will get paid. Outside of the headquarters, Genos and Saitama spar in order for Genos to collect battle data from the fight. Genos questions to himself what happened between Saitama and Sweet Mask after the two left the amusement park. Genos remarks that the look on Saitama's face is different from the usual. It turns out that Saitama was just thinking about the Hero Name Victims Association.

Later, Suiryu is introduced to the Neo Leaders and McCoy tells them that Suiryu will be a leader. Next, each of the Neo Leaders are similarly introduced. Raiden is introduced as an impressively strong sumo champion who is claimed to even surpass the S-Class. Raiden notes that Darkshine is quite well known and asks to compare the two's strength. The lock hands and Darkshine seems to be slightly overwhelmed by Raiden's strength. After the bout, Raiden believes that Darkshine might be past his prime. Suddenly, two Leader candidates barge in, angry that they were not accepted to be leaders. Mars Leo shows off his speed and lets one of his punches hit Darkshine, breaking his own wrist. Suiryu buts in between the two, and is attacked by both of the candidates, effortlessly fending off their attacks. McCoy continues with introductions, and the two leader candidates are ushered away by Elimin and Destro. McCoy concludes by introducing Blue, who had just arrived. He explains that Blue is the reason the Neo Heroes exist.

Then, a flashback shows how Blue chased Saitama and Sweet Mask. In order to keep up with the two, he removed the limiter on his suit and likely began speeding up. Before long he is stopped by Genos who asks what he is doing. Blue asks if this is the Hero Association's attempt to protect Sweet Mask and also questions Saitama's speed. Blue implies a threat, and wants answers from Genos. Genos says that he doesn't know what Saitama will do with Sweet Mask. Back in the present, Blue explains why he created the Neo Heroes, before being revealed as Blast's son.

Great Philosopher is ready to engage with monster Sewage Crocodile. He defeats it with relative ease before being swarmed by several of the same monster. After some time he is saved by a group of Neo Heroes, and group talks about how easy the fight was before being confronted by a large monster. They call on Webigaza, who defeats it, recording the battle for her fans to see. In another area, Raiden is dispatching a swarm of monsters, saving a Hero Association hero. He criticizes the battle suits given to the Neo Heroes members. The news reports on a large number of high level monsters, and notes that they are all being soundly defeated by the Neo Heroes. Accel is also present, and with the help of the Hunters defeats Explosive Velocity Snail, a Demon-level threat. Crescent Eyebroll is also dealing with the monsters, but is being overwhelmed by Triple Tongues. Ryumon interrupts and engages the threat. Child Emperor wonders about the battle suits given to the Neo Heroes, and questions if they are created by Bofoi and given to the Neo Heroes.He wonders if he will have to do something about this.

A and Suiryu are also seen dispatching monsters successfully. Zaedats attempts to combat Demon-level threat Meat Dumpling, but is soundly defeated by the monster despite the use of his equipment. Infelsinave is also seen having been defeated by a monster. Metal Bat praises the power of the suits, easily dealing with the threats. Blue is also in action, confronting Shell King. He destroys the monster with little effort, though still realizes that Demon-level threats are quite troublesome. After killing the monster, the Shellfolk become angered and attempt to attack Blue, though he quickly deals with them. Blue talks to McCoy, telling him to warn the other Neo Heroes to not get cocky just because they have a battle suit. Blue then leaves to continue battle.

The Hero Association discusses the situation, saying that they need stronger leaders and soon they will start losing supporters. Suddenly, the Hero Name Victims Association shows and begins making requests. This makes Sitch think that they are already done for. An announcement is made outside the headquarters that five Dragon-level monsters have been spotted. Headquarters is put into lockdown and Genos, Tanktop Master, and Tatsumaki have been dispatched. Sitch urges to ask the Neo Heroes for help.

Tanktop Master engages Heavy Smoker. He uses a special tanktop, one that raises power at the expense that it can only be used for a short time. Tatsumaki handles the monster Aggregation, not having much difficulty but is disgusted at its appearance. Genos engages The Extended Family of Darkness and prepares to use a new move. In L-City, Blue is busy battling Eel Dragon. Mirror, a robot created by The Organization, attacks Y-City and wants to find King. Suiko confronts and prepares to attack.

We then see the result of Tanktop Master’s fight with Heavy Smoker. The hero is partially paralyzed by the monster and unable to continue fighting. His concern about the smoke covering the entire city persists, and he contemplates ripping his tank top to release its pressure and using Tank Top Deep Breath to inhale the smoke. As he prepares, Flashy Flash enters the scene and strikes the monster with a powerful kick. Tanktop Master urges him to be careful as he goes in for another attack. Flashy Flash’s next move finishes off Heavy Smoker. He praises the scrolls he gained from the Ninja Village Leader while Tanktop Master is in awe at his strength. They notice smoke still pouring from the monster’s corpse and choose to evacuate, deeming the town as unsavable.

Tatsumaki finishes up Aggregation. She makes clear that the fight was not challenging, but notes that the monster caused a massive amount of destruction. She notes that humanity is in danger if they don’t take preventative measures against future monsters. Genos barely scrapes by in his fight with The Extended Family of Darkness. He emerges as the victor but is horribly beaten up. As he lies on the street he worries about the increasing danger of monsters, and if he can keep up with them. A crowd surrounds Genos and, while they are happy he was victorious, pity his wrecked state. Some Neo Heroes arrive soon after. Blue emerges from his fight with Eel Dragon exhausted, but victorious. He notes that he continuously attacked it until it stopped moving, and that his suit had run out of energy. He asks for any more reports of monsters. McCoy tells him about a Dragon-level monster, presumably Mirror, and Blue asks to be sent to deal with it. McCoy objects but Blue calmly persists, mentioning his goals as a hero.

At Y-City, Suiko is forced to run from Mirror’s endless attacks, just barely outmaneuvering its many arms. She laments how much she is struggling and is finally grabbed by Mirror and thrown into a storefront. She scans the aisles for a drink with a high amount of alcohol, and after finding one with 9%, hastily drinks it. Suiko emerges from the rubble and Mirror quickly detects that she is drunk. Despite the alcohol making her movements more unpredictable, all of Suiko’s moves prove useless against Mirror. One of its attacks slices her cheek, and she notes that the robot is already adapting to her moves.

Out of nowhere appear Chain'n'toad and Butterfly DX, who work together to attack Mirror. They give Suiko some advice and get ready to fight the robot. Mirror, recognizing the heroes, notes that they are not worth fighting, and the heroes’ attacks prove useless. After being given an opening by the two, Suiko lands a hard punch on Mirror that knocks it slightly into the air. Unfortunately, the damage was only slighter. Mirror quickly finishes the three off. As things are at their bleakest, the Hero Name Victims Association shows up as reinforcements. They all give Mirror their best attacks, but to no avail as the robot knocks them away easily. It begins to seemingly show off and throws an energy ball through a building, opening a massive hole in it. This is all that is needed to scare the heroes away, but Saitama isn’t startled at all.

Mirror notices him, but notes that the data it has on Saitama is nothing special. As Mirror mentions Saitama’s hero name, Caped Baldy, Saitama becomes enraged and a punch sends Mirror flying away in pieces. The rest of the Hero Name Victims Association is enthralled, and they all high five Saitama. Other onlookers, Blue and Suiko included, look at Saitama in disbelief.

With the threat of the five Dragons curbed, the Hero Association summons Tatsumaki and Flashy Flash. Tatsumaki is informed that a group of espers with the name “Eleven” are plotting something. Specifically, their leader Otento is after Tatsumaki’s life. Tatsumaki notes she has been searching for them herself. Flashy Flash is told about a mysterious letter, having something to do with the Abandoned Masses. He recalls being taught about them while he was in the Ninja Village. He decides to answer their call.

With so many heroes leaving on missions, members of the Hero Association grow concerned. Flashy Flash, in an attempt to quell their worries, reminds them about how the Neo Heroes have been successfully keeping peace. He claims the Hero Association has become too prideful. Hero Association members take this into consideration, noting that the Neo Heroes kept damage to a minimum when fighting the 5 Dragons, in contrast to the mess the Hero Association left behind. They believe that if they are successful destroying Eleven and the Abandoned Masses, they will look better in the eyes of the public. As Tatsumaki leaves, she contemplates how the Hero Association will have to rely on the Neo Heroes.

Members of the Hero Association meet with McCoy in order to inform the Neo Heroes what the S-Class is doing. Pig God is on standby, Atomic Samurai is busy training, Metal Knight has been uncooperative, Watchdog Man is in Q-City as usual, King has gone missing and has begun training, Zombieman has gone missing and is with Dr. Genus, Drive Knight is ready and able, Tanktop Master is recovering from his fight, Puri-Puri Prisoner is overseeing prisoners, and Genos is being repaired. McCoy ensures that the Neo Heroes are able to be relied on. Child Emperor is busy examining the body of Eel Dragon, in an attempt to figure out what made the five monsters appear at once. Instead, he finds a small microchip. Before he can examine further he is interrupted by Webigaza.

At the Neo-Heroes Headquarters, Infelsinave and Zaedats have been mysteriously revived, or “reincarnated”, from their gravely wounded states. A alludes to a surgery that kept them alive. Meanwhile, Metal Bat approaches Elimin and Destro to ask them what happened to the two Neo Leaders. Elimin explains that the two had undergone cyborgification, the process of restoring irreversible injuries as long as the brain is intact. This was the “resurrection”. Elimin quite unnervingly reassures Metal Bad that they will mechanize him if he gets a life threatening injury. Destro explains further that they undergo this cyborgification in the Recovery Room. Metal Bat sarcastically says that it is certainly no recovery, and how their ambition and courage are all gone. He tells the two he will investigate himself if they don’t spit out what they are plotting. Elimin agrees, and the two guide Metal Bat to the Recovery Room.

Meanwhile, Webigaza approaches Child Emperor. She reassures that she only wants to talk to him some more. She asks about the situation at the Hero Association, and tells her story in the show business. She talks about how Sweet Mask inspired her, she sought to do just as much as him. However, his reveal as a monster changed her ideas about him. She asks Child Emperor if the Hero Association knew about his monster form. Child Emperor doesn’t believe they did, saying that his disguise was too perfect to unmask. He compares it to his trust issues with the Hero Association. Webigaza then speaks about how she started gaining power, and her decision to cyborgify herself. Her body forces her to stay with the Neo Heroes in order to be maintained.

Darkshine is shown training a group of Neo Heroes. He compliments their potential, and wonders how much stronger they could get with the battle suits. His thoughts are interrupted by a call from Puri-Puri Prisoner. He asks for advice on how to train his group of prisoners, asking how to get them in the frame of mind for battle. Darkshine admits he could train them on the basics, but not the right frame of mind. He tells Puri-Puri Prisoner that he has retired. Puri-Puri Prisoner doesn’t believe it, telling Darkshine he will be waiting on the battlefield.

Metal Bat and the two guards arrive at the Recovery Room. Metal Bat is slightly relieved, thinking there isn’t any reason to be suspicious. As he apologizes for taking their time, he is attacked by Solitude and Mars Leo. He is beaten into the ground but not too badly damaged. Elimin and Destro reveal their plan of turning Metal Bat into a cyborg, and issue the two attackers to kill him. Metal Bat gets up and readies himself to fight.

Webigaza and Child Emperor finish up their conversation. Webigaza gets a call from the Neo Heroes Tracking Team, who were in the process of searching for Sweet Mask. They had been running into trouble due to his transforming abilities. Webigaza admits she wanted to be the one to kill him. After sitting in silence for some moments, Webigaza leaves.

In a decrepit building, Sonic is approached by A. He reveals that the Neo Heroes are after his bounty. Sonic recognizes A, remembering him as a homicidal maniac. Sonic wonders how “trash” like him ended up in the hero industry. A signals his Neo Heroes into action, and blows up the top floor of the building. Sonic dashes out and flies over a mob of Neo Heroes. He dodges them quite easily and quickly dispatches many of them. Sonic appears behind A. He swings his weapon at the ninja to no avail, and even with the power of his suit he is unable to do anything to Sonic. Sonic attributes this speed to the scrolls he obtained from the Ninja Village Leader, which he thinks hold even greater secrets than those that Flashy Flash got. Seeing as he is gaining no ground, A leaves in a flash of smoke.

Saitama and the Hero Names Victim Association are busy protesting. The Hero Association is in a sour state, unable to successfully cooperate with the Neo Heroes and losing favor in the public eye. Somewhere else, Puri-Puri Prisoner and his group have successfully taken out disaster level Wolf, Tentacle Muffler. Puri Puri Prisoner compliments the group, specifically Hammerhead. The rest doubt their possibilities of becoming heroes, but Puri Puri Prisoner continues to reassure them. Out of nowhere, Raiden approaches him. He demands that the prisoners are turned over and put into custody. He elaborates that he wants to cyborgify them, in order to easily control them. Puri Puri Prisoner becomes angry upon hearing this. Puri Puri Prisoner refuses, having sworn to rehabilitate the prisoners. Raiden decides to deal with the situation using force.

Somewhere else, Suiryu and his Neo Heroes, having found their target, surround Garou. He has been working for a moving company, and as they finish loading the truck he is congratulated by his boss. He asks Garou if he could work for him full time. Garou begins to speak, but is stopped by a volley of tranquilizer darts. None of them hit home, as he displays each dart caught in his hands. The Neo Heroes move in and tell the boss about Garou being a wanted criminal. The Neo Heroes rush at Garou. He effortlessly disables each one of them in a swift motion, leaving them unconscious on the ground. Suiryu had escaped this flurry to a second story window. Landing gracefully on the ground, Suiryu claims that he will take him back to the Neo Hero Headquarters himself. Garou remains silent.

Suiryu moves in to attack, every one of his punches and kicks being dodged. Garou counters, but Suiryu manages to dodge and strike Garou in the chest. Garou quickly recovers and kicks Suiryu, knocking him away, his back to the moving truck. Garou moves in. Suiryu then throws the truck at Garou. Garou, quite surprised, grabs it in midair and lands it gently back on the ground, seemingly worried for the truck’s safety. These worries are made clear when Suiryu lands a hard punch on the vehicle and Garou yells for him to stop, but the truck is completely destroyed as dust fills the air. Garou breaks through the dust and kicks at Suiryu’s face, which he manages to block but still gets launched away. Suiryu notes that Garou isn’t even using half his strength.

Suiryu activates the battle suit. Immediately his movements speed up, and he lands a myriad of attacks which are just barely blocked by Garou. Suiryu notices that Garou is beginning to match his speed. In order to keep the advantage, Suiryu releases the suit’s limiter. This seems to completely overwhelm Garou as punch after punch hits home, but it is all too fast. Suiryu loses control, and as the attacks reach their peak his suit cracks and breaks. Garou is left embedded into the ground, Suiryu is left unable to move. Despite the brutal attacks, Garou gets back up easily. Behind him, his boss panics over the destruction of the moving truck. He pins the blame on Garou, and begs for Suiryu to capture him. Garou walks away without a word.

Suiryu calls back to headquarters to let them know he had failed. He notes his issues with the battle suit, specifically its safety, and as the sun sets, Suiryu ponders that being a hero might not be that easy. He decides to see Suiko the next day.

Meanwhile the Blizzard Group watches a report filled with the Neo Heroes’ heroic deeds. They solemnly discuss things, including the possibility of moving over to the Neo Heroes. In another room, Fubuki is busy with Psykos. She seems to be entering her mind, trying to find something out. Elsewhere Suiryu and Blue are both seen heading to the Hero Association, Suiryu by motorbike and Blue by jet drone. Blue approaches the main entrance but is denied entry, though he ignores the pleas of the guard. Blue yells towards the facility. He requests to talk with the higher ups about the future of the hero industry, and about his father. Unbeknownst to him, the Hero Name Victims Association is also yelling requests behind him. For a good few moments, they battle to out-yell each other, and Blue eventually gives in.

As Blue turns around to see who is yelling, he notices Saitama among the group. Blue confronts him about his mysteriously massive power, only to go ignored. Blue asks for Saitama’s name, but gets answered by the other group members before finally being introduced to Caped Baldy. Blue leaves him with a stern warning and walks off. Suiko makes herself known soon after, now having figured out Saitama’s name. She thanks the group for saving her. Her next question is about Saitama’s power, how he became so strong. Suiko is disappointed upon hearing a blunt answer, the same he gives everyone else. Suiryu makes himself known as well, and greets Suiko. They discuss their recent beginnings as heroes and Suiko seems relieved that Suiryu has a proper job. Suiryu tries to get her to join the Neo Heroes to no avail. Suiko then introduces Suiryu to Saitama, mentioning that Saitama is much stronger than him. Suiryu’s cocky attitude leads him to dismiss this, but he crudely admits he will allow him to date Suiko, much to her disapproval. Then, Suiko clarifies her stance on staying with the Hero Association: She finds the Neo Heroes battle suits lame.

As Blue is walking away from the Hero Association, he runs into Genos. Blue decides to let him know that Metal Knight has been undergoing some suspicious things, specifically conducting experiments using monsters, and the possibility that the great strength of recent monsters is due to enhancement. As Blue passes Genos, he also lets him know that a position as a Neo Leader is open for him. Later, at Saitama’s home, Genos tells Saitama of the suspicions about Metal Knight. Genos decides that, in order to look deeper into it, he will work behind the scenes to find out what is going on. Saitama seems to be eager to help.

A group of Neo Heroes under Child Emperor’s leadership easily kill a monster. One of them informs the others to leave it be, citing Child Emperor’s order. Later, Child Emperor performs an autopsy. He finds another microchip, just as he expected. Ryumon greets him from behind and wonders what he is doing. Child Emperor explains, seemingly in an attempt to cover up his true motives, that he is investigating the cause of monsterification and conducting research in other areas. Ryumon leaves. Upon further investigation, Child Emperor finds artificial muscles in the body of another monster. He is finding that a large portion of manipulated monsters have been modified heavily enough to be considered cyborgs. They’ve been powered up enough to see their disaster level increase. He decides to ask Metal Knight about it.

Saitama arrives to see the aftermath of a fight with a monster, seeing the Neo Heroes as victorious. The victors make fun of Saitama’s group, noting that the Neo Heroes have much better methods of transportation, unlike many of the Hero Association’s heroes. All of a sudden an emergency announcement sounds: A threat in H-City. As the heroes begin running in the direction of the threat, Saitama zooms past them at incredible speed.

Meanwhile, Child Emperor contacts Metal Knight to ask him a grim question. Child Emperor wonders what, under the circumstance someone is modifying monsters and attacking people, would their motive be? Metal Knight denies answering. Child Emperor, swallowing anger, offers to visit Metal Knight’s lab. He is again denied. At the same time, Saitama arrives just in time to see the monster he chased defeated by Neo Heroes, much to his bewilderment. Growing more angered, Child Emperor warns that Metal Knight’s attitude will only increase suspicion. Metal Knight reminds Child Emperor that he should not trust anyone. He doesn’t consider Child Emperor a threat, and even hints that he has been spying on him for some time. The meeting ends. Metal Knight looks over to a wall of monitors, each showing a hero, while he wonders which will cause the most trouble.

Later in the Neo Heroes Headquarters, Raiden is seen testing out his battle suit. He thinks back to his fight against Puri-Puri Prisoner. As it begins, we see Raiden throw Puri-Puri Prisoner. He hits the street hard, tearing up concrete poles and the ground itself. The prisoners look on in surprise while the Neo Heroes confirm Raiden’s strength. Puri-Puri Prisoner signals the prisoners to throw bottles of oil on him, making his body slippery and harder to grasp. Raiden doesn’t seem too shocked as he moves in to attack, saying that it was a mistake to tell him how to strike.

Raiden’s many strikes hit home but Puri-Puri Prisoner remains standing. He explains how he has found a new way to accept the pain of his attacks- converting it into pleasure. Raiden is caught off guard by this feat. Puri-Puri Prisoner rushes in with a punch, and a fierce flurry of attacks begin. Raiden, thinking to himself, praises the S-Class hero’s power, but notes that he lacks aggression. Puri-Puri Prisoner is pushed back, overwhelmed. Raiden throws a hard strike that lands square in Puri-Puri Prisoner’s face, and he somehow remains standing.

The fight resumes and Raiden is beginning to have a change of heart. He realizes that Puri-Puri Prisoner continues to fight not to win, but to protect the prisoners behind him. As Raiden comes to this conclusion, he stops attacking. Raiden tells Puri-Puri Prisoner that he now realizes he isn’t that bad a guy. As the Neo Heroes behind him urge him to capture the hero, he reminds them of something: Their duty is to be heroes, and Puri-Puri Prisoner is a hero all the same. Puri-Puri Prisoner thanks him as he leaves. However, things aren’t all in order. The prisoners decide to follow Raiden as he leaves, much to Puri-Puri Prisoner’s dismay.

Now back in the present, Raiden continues pondering. He finds it strange that someone with Puri-Puri Prisoner’s power isn’t ranked higher. In another room, Darkshine is busy training Neo Heroes. He seems to still find trouble guiding them directly, as he still only stands on the sidelines to do so. Raiden notices this, and he wonders if Darkshine is worn out, his soul tired from fighting evil. Seeing this sorry state, he promises he won’t become the same.

Elsewhere in the Neo Heroes Headquarters, preparations begin for Metal Bat’s cyborgification. He had lost the fight with the guards, and had been in captivity for 48 hours. A staff member walks in to give him food and is met with fierce denial. He sternly objects to cyborgification, and in his enraged state wonders if the Neo Heroes are much more evil than they put on. Elimin and Destro enter. Elimin teases Metal Bat about his loss, though Metal Bat believes the fight had never ended, only having been postponed by his capture.

We then see the fight in full. After Metal Bat gets up and readies himself for battle, Destro decides to fight. A swing from Metal Bat strikes Destro’s leg, and a recognizable clang lets Metal Bat know this is a cyborg he is battling. Metal Bat gets serious, pounding Destro with swing after swing. Elimin warns from the sidelines that Destro should worry about the damage he might be taking, noting the force from an S-Class hero should be worthy of caution. Destro winds up an energy attack that pushes Metal Bat off of him. Believing the hero is now incapacitated, Destro prepares to remove his heart. A hard hit from above interrupts this action, as Metal Bat’s final swing throws Destro into the ground and bends his bat. As he turns around, Elimin motions what seems like some sort of signal as dozens of tranquilizing darts find their way into Metal Bat’s back. The hero collapses.

In the present now, Metal Bat, led by the two security guards and wrapped in chains, is being led to presumably the Recovery Room to become cyborgified. Despite being hit with enough sedative to take down a large animal, Metal Bat is still perfectly lucid. As the three approach an elevator, it suddenly opens to reveal Blue. Having come for a check up on his lenses, he is curious what Elimin and Destro are doing. The two claim they cannot speak about it. Metal Bat speaks up after some time, he warns Blue that the security guards cannot be trusted. Blue’s composure turns sour. Before things can escalate further, a group of people interrupt the situation.

Walking down the hall, surrounded by four guards, is the Neo Heroes Founder and Leader, Mr. Fuzzy. Fuzzy, addressing the situation, apologizes to Metal Bat. He claims he did not give authority to Elimin and Destro to undergo this cyborgification. Understandably, Metal Bat is not exactly appreciative of this explanation. Blue confirms that the guards had no ulterior motives. Fuzzy wonders if this slight insubordination is due to their previous experience with much harsher jobs. Even so, the guards apologize.

Talking directly to Metal Bat now, Fuzzy lets him know that the Neo Heroes are suspicious of him, wondering if he is a spy from the Hero Association. Fuzzy elaborates that there are efforts being made by the Hero Association to crush the Neo Heroes, and Metal Bat’s suspicion isn’t fully cleared, he is now confined to the facility for the foreseeable future. Metal Bat takes the warnings rather lightly. He breaks out of his chains, walking past Fuzzy and his guards to make his way back to his quarters on his own. Later, Fuzzy meets with McCoy to review information about the S-Class. Fuzzy praises McCoy’s contributions to the Neo Heroes, even suggesting that he intends to make McCoy his right hand man in the future. McCoy is quite enamored with this news.

Outside of the building, Blue is busy planning. He wants to form an alliance between the two associations, but understands the near impossibility of this task. He hopes that, as long as every hero puts their differences aside, they should be able to work together successfully. He decides that the best way to get this message through to everyone is through a hero with considerable influence, thinking of Tatsumaki and King as considerable candidates. However, he comes to the conclusion that Saitama might be the best man for such a job. He reasons that Saitama has strength on par with an S-Class hero along with influence from his numerous protests. Blue decides that, through Saitama, he could bring his plan to light.

Story Impact[]

  • Blast's son is revealed as Blue.

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