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Multicolored Rainbow (虹色のレインボー, Nijiiro no Reinbō) was a ninja from the Ninja Village. He was from the 27th and was a member of the Heavenly Ninja Party.[1]


Multicolored Ninja was a man with wide eyes and large lips. He wore his hair in a high braid on top of his head. He wore a black bodysuit with a diagonally-striped vest on top.


Multicolored Rainbow and Firmament Sky were members of the Ninja Village's 27th graduating class, nicknamed "United Force".[2]


Neo Heroes Saga[]

Ninjas Arc[]

The Heavenly Ninja Party confronts Speed-o'-Sound Sonic and introduces its members.

Later, the ninja group attacks Flashy Flash during his spar with Speed-o'-Sound Sonic. Multicolored Rainbow throws projectiles at Flashy Flash, who dodges and counters with an elbow. Multicolored Rainbow blocks the strike with his hand. Speed-o'-Sound Sonic uses multiple afterimages to distract Multicolored Rainbow, and allows Flashy Flash to kill him with his sword.

Abilities and Powers[]

Multicolored Rainbow blocks Flashy Flash's attack.

As a graduate of the Ninja Village and a member of the Heavenly Ninja Party, Multicolored Rainbow is a very powerful ninja. He was able to momentarily keep up with and block some of Flashy Flash's attacks. However, he was ultimately killed by Flashy Flash when distracted by Sonic's Ten Shadow Burial.

Physical Abilities[]

Multicolored Rainbow throws Bo-Shuriken.

Immense Speed and Reflexes: Multicolored Rainbow possessed immense speed and quick reflexes. He was able to block an attack from Flashy Flash at a close range.[3]

Fighting Style[]

Ninjutsu Master: Multicolored Rainbow was a graduate of the Ninja Village.[2] Ninjas from this village could not graduate without completion of the curriculum,[4] which suggests that Multicolored Rainbow was a highly skilled ninja.


Bo-Shuriken: Multicolored Rainbow used Bo-Shuriken to attack Flashy Flash.[3]


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